Inline Exhaust Fans

Inline exhaust fans are typically located in a roofspace and can be used for a multitude of applications, including exhaust, heat transfer, sub floor ventilation and roofspace ventilation. Inline fans are connected to ducting or piping and can generally be ducted long distances whilst maintaining strong performance levels. Inline fans come in three motor types: Axial, Mixflow & Centrifugal. Without going into too much detail here is the basic difference between all three:

In Line Ventilation

  • Axial motors are designed to move large amounts of air at very low pressure (eg minimal ducting, minimal bends, twists etc).
  • Centrifugal motors move large amounts of air against high pressure. This means the fan will retain its capacity very well over a long duct run.
  • Mixflow motors are as the name suggests, a mixture of axial and centrifugal.

For your convenience each inline fan listing comes with a pressure curve. We also include all other relevant information including specs and dimensions.