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Ceiling Fans With Lights

Ceiling Fans with lights are ideal as functionality is key for many ceiling fan installations especially when you are replacing a central light with a fan. A ceiling fan with light is a great solution for dual purpose air dispersion and cooling as well as maintaining your lighting needs. If you are needing a light for a traditional fan or a modern fan, here at Fansonline we have some excellent packages to maximise functionality. There are many options including a growing number of LED options for the energy conscious.

LED Ceiling Fan Packages

Buying a ceiling fan with LED light has many advantages. Because the diodes are not space hungry, they are often set on a ‘plate’ to enable maximum dispersion and therefore can be embodied in a low profile shell. Low profile lights on ceiling fans have become more popular as many clients wish for the light to not be a focal point, or sit so low, but still provide the output needed. There are more and more ceiling fans with LED lights entering the market so you have a significant range to choose from. If you are wanting to dim the LEDs, make sure you select a fan with a dimmable LED such as the Fanco Urban 2 DC with Dimmable LED.