Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Guide To Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fans

Ceiling mounted exhaust fans are the most popular choice for domestic bathroom / toilet ventilation in Australia. At Fansonline we have a large range of ceiling mounted ventilation fans, including ductable and non-ductable models. There are a few basic rules to picking a domestic ceiling mounted fan:

  • Is the fan a new installation or are you replacing an old fan? If you are replacing an old fan you will need to completely remove the old fan and measure the hole size. For a new installation the hole size is less of an issue, as you will need to cut a hole in the plasterboard regardless.
  • Do you wish to duct the fan? The majority of ceiling exhaust fans are now being ducted outside, however if you have a well ventilated roof space you may wish to vent into the cavity. If you are ducting the fan its best to keep the duct run as short and direct as possible.

Browse our complete range of ceiling mounted fans below and use the interactive sidebar of the left hand side to help narrow down your choice based on the above information and other specifications.