Bedroom Ceiling Fans

Updated for 2020/21 Season

The top 10 Best Bedroom ceiling fans released in the last 12 months - Updated for September 2020

We've chosen the best bedroom ceiling fans in our range based on enquiries and feedback from our customers. The best bedroom ceiling fans aren't necessarily the highest airflow models. They should certainly provide cooling - but not enough to disturb your sleep. So we've tried to include ceiling fans which have gentle but effective airflow on their lowest settings. For people looking for ceiling fans with light options, colour changing technology and dimmable functionality will allow you to modify your room to create your perfect sleeping environment.


best bedroom fan Claro Whisper

"A great value fan that doesn’t compromise on quality."

Popular Design Varied Airflow Gentle Low Speed Value for money Light Option

The Claro Whisper is a new addition for 2020/21 and is packed full of features that make it the perfect bedroom fan. If you are looking for a fan with light the integrated LED model offers the ability to change the light temperature (CCT colour changing technology) as well as the ability to adjust brightness levels. Its a great looking fan with three lightweight ABS blades. Available in three colour options and with or without light. Finally the fan represents excellent value with many features that would usually be associated with more expensive models.  


fanco studio top bedroom ceiling fan

“The feature packed low profile DC fan with Smart Technology”

 Remote / Smart Models  Hardwired Wall Control Option  Quiet Operation 210mm Ceiling to Blade Drop  Energy Efficient  With or Without Light

Another new entry in our top 10 is the highly anticipated Studio Low Profile. This fan really is the complete package for a bedroom! Available in a 48" overall diameter size with or without light the fan is sized perfectly for a bedroom, and the 210mm ceiling to blade drop make the fan well suited to bedrooms with slightly lower than average ceilings, or if you want to achieve the popular 'hugger' look. The fan is available to buy with a remote control that also comes SMART enabled, meaning that you can control the fan from the convenience of your smartphone. Also available is a hardwired wall control model (without light only). If you opt for the fan with light you will receive an energy efficient LED light that offers CCT technology as well as being dimmable. The complete bedroom fan!


"A great value fan that doesn’t compromise on quality."

Popular Design Varied Airflow Gentle Low Speed Value for money Light Option

The Eco Silent produces the gentle but effective airflow you need for a good night’s sleep in the middle of Summer. This fan also scores points on the efficiency scale for its DC motor and its integrated LED light option. Because the Eco Silent is available in two sizes, it enables you to keep the master bedroom's style consistent with the smaller rooms. We're not the only ones who love this fan: in November 2019, independent testers awarded the Eco Silent 90% for its suitability for bedrooms.

#4 - POLAR DC (48" MODELS)

"Excellent value & the 48" model is a great size for a bedroom"

 White or Black  With or Without LED Light Value for money DC Motor Energy Efficient

The Polar from Hunter Pacific represents excellent value for a DC motor, ABS blade ceiling fan. The fan is available in 48" or 56" and we have identified the 48" models as being a great choice for a bedroom. But the great thing about the fan being available in a larger size is that you can put a bigger one in a lounge area, and achieve consistency throughout your house. in 48" this fan has been picked as it ofers excellent airflow for a fan of this size. With an output of 13,860 m3/hr and 6 speeds to choose from the fan is capable of producing either a gentle breeze or higher airflow to suit your requirements.As with a lot of our picks the light offers CCT technology and the ability to adjust the brightness. All powered by an energy efficientdc motor with remote control. 


Unique Mini Fan Superb LED Light Energy Efficient Quiet Operation

“The clever blade design generates airflow from such a small fan!”

We love this cute little fan and the overall diameter of just 28" is relatively unique! The fan comes with a beautifully incorporated CCT LED Light and the blades elegantly wrap around the motor, which as well as being aesthetic, also ensures that the fan is able to generate a reasonable level of airflow. Powered by an energy efficient DC motor using only 4.9 watts on the low speed this fan is a great choice for the energy conscious!


 White or Black Modern Design Energy Efficient Variable Speeds Angled Ceilings

-"A modern 4 blade design offering exceptionally high airflow" -

The Next Creation DC Ceiling Fan from Hunter Pacific comes with a 6 speed remote with a timer function. It's coastal rated for both indoor and covered outdoor areas, giving you the freedom to install this fan almost anywhere you want. This 52" fan is powered by a 32 watt motor and produces a strong airflow on its highest setting.

#7 - URBAN 2 DC

Value for money Light Option Dimmable Light with Colour Changing Technology

-"A dimmable light is a real plus when you're winding down for the day and getting ready to sleep" -

The Urban 2 DC Ceiling Fan’s lowest speeds operate at a gentle 65 rotations per minute . At this speed, it creates a gentle cooling breeze. The light option available features a dimmable LED array with colour changing technology- a great feature to help create your ideal sleeping environment .

#8 - URBAN 2 AC

Modern Design Energy Efficient Variable Speeds Colour Options High Airflow Light Packages Remote Packages

- “I chose a remote package for the bedroom. I can switch the light on or dim it without getting up, it’s great.” -

We couldn’t ignore the number of light packages the Urban 2 offers. Although we tend to suggest warm lights for bedrooms, we know that it’s a personal choice. Want a dimmable led light? Or do you want to be sure you can find replacement globes easily? How about a fan with a light which allows you to set the colour temperature? All of these options are available with the Urban 2 AC ceiling fan. It also operates smoothly and moves air effectively so it’s an excellent choice for bedrooms!


Varied Airflow Colour Options Value for money Light Option Remote with Timer Functionality

-“"An elegant and efficient ceiling fan which makes a great finishing touch to a bedroom" "-

The Eco Breeze features a timer function on the remote control, which allows you to turn the fan on as you drift off to sleep and let it run for up to 8 hours.The fan also has an LED light option -also controlled by the remote, so you don’t need to get out of bed to turn off the light.


 Solid Timber Blades With or Without Light  CCT LED Light

-"Between its gentle airflow and its highly adaptable LED light, the Swish has the power to create an ideal sleeping environment".-

The Sleeper DC by Claro is an elegant ceiling fan with three solid timber blades. The blades wrap around the motor which is powered by an energy efficient DC technology. The fan comes with a remote control and 5 selectable speeds.