Exhaust Fans with Heat & Light

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fan packages with heat, with light, and with heat and light.

These fans come with the added functionality of a built-in heat lamp element and/or lighting element. They are commonly known as 3 in 1 exhaust fans or 2 in 1 exhaust fans. These exhaust fans are very popular in bathrooms, the added convenience of having multiple functions from one unit can be great for saving space. Heat lamps are designed to provide heat when you are directly positioned below them, making them a popular choice for the winter months.

The process of selecting your 3 in 1 unit with regards to the exhaust fan is the same as any other unit. If you are replacing an old 3 in 1 exhaust fan you will need to remove the fan and measure the hole size. For a new installation you will simply have to cut the hole in the plasterboard as per the requirements of the fan you select.