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Indoor Ceiling Fans

indoor ceiling fans

Any ceiling fan is able to be installed indoors as long as it fits your room requirements. Things to ask yourself when deciding on your indoor ceiling fans include the height of your ceiling and to consider the drop of the fan so you are within the legal requirements. Another question to ask is whether you are replacing a light in the room, if so, you may like to look into a ceiling fan with light package to retain the lighting needs for the room. If you need a fan for a bedroom take a look at our range of timber ceiling fans.

How you operate the fan is another consideration as different models can be operated with remote control, wall control or pull cord as standard with many offering the ability to be controlled in different ways if purchased separately – simply check the accessories for each product. The style of fan is completely up to your discretion as to what will suit your interior – we pride ourselves in providing a range of styles including traditional, modern, tropical and architectural ceiling fans.