Roof Exhaust Fans

Externally Mounted Roof Fans

Roof mounted exhaust fans consist of an externally mounted motor, which sits on top of the roof. Typically piping or ducting is then fed to an intake vent, which creates a complete exhaust system. A roof fan can be used for any type of ventilation application, from bathroom or laundry to acting as a rangehood alternative.

The roof fan can also be used as a general roofspace ventilator, we also sell models specifically designed for this application if you wish to removed trapped hot air from your roofspace, or generally wish to ventilate this area.

Roof fans may be your preference as an exhaust system if you have limited roof cavity or if you simply like the idea of having the motor externally mounted (this has benefits in terms of noise). Browse our complete range of roof mounted fans below, we sell many different models to suit a wide variety of applications including axial and centrifugal motors.