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Best Ceiling Fans in Australia for 2022

The top 10 ceiling fans released in the last 12 months – Updated for June 2022

Our customers want the best ceiling fans but choosing the right one for their needs can be tricky. We list hundreds of ceiling fans on our site, so we wanted to make the process of choosing easier for our customers. People install ceiling fans in all types of environments from balconies to bedrooms – so picking out an overall top 10 is no easy feat. Luckily after so many years in the business, we have a pretty good idea of what people tend to look for in a fan. We used this knowledge to assemble a list of fans that represent the quality, value and good design that our customers deserve.

1) Infinity-ID DC Range

“I love the slim lines and the delicately curved blades. It looks amazing!”
infinity id dc ceiling fan top rated

Maintaining the slimline blades and minimalist style which made its predecessor so popular, Fanco’s Infinity ID Ceiling fan is a true reinvention of an extremely popular design. Now available with your choice of a remote or a hardwired DC wall control, this fan addresses some of the most common requests we have from customers.

The model with remote can also be used in conjunction with Google and Amazon SMART devices. The models with light (only operable by remote) finish out this incredible range with the innovation of user replaceable LED panels, which have both CCT and dimming functionality.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Modern low profile, stylish design popular with architects & designers

2. Various speeds offering performance and extra gentle airflow

3. Extremely quiet and perfectly balanced design

4. Great user experience with smart app and remote compatibility

2) Aeratron AE+ DC Range

“The ultimate energy efficient choice, 20w on the highest speed is class leading”

The Aeratron is a popular choice with Architects and designers, its easy to see why with its flowing ABS blades and exceptional performance. The all new AE+ range is a relatively new release and builds upon the success of previous AE models. Available in a range of sizes, colours and in either 3 or 2 blade you are sure to find one to suit your requirements.

The fan operates quietly and is powered by a high quality DC motor. As the Aeratron range is so large we have not included all options on this page, but you can view all models here.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Stylish canopy design complementing organic blades

2. Class-leading energy efficiency

3. Unique curvature optimizes airflow for silent operation

4. Built to last with aerofoil abs blades

3) Eco Silent Deluxe Range

“It creates plenty of airflow, it’s very quiet and it looks great!”

The Eco Silent Deluxe gives you all 21st century features in a classic four blade style. It’s powered by a DC motor and comes with either a six-speed wall control or a remote handset with in-built SMART functionality.

Customers choosing the remote option can also operate the fan using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This excellent range includes a light option featuring Fanco’s user-replaceable LED panel with CCT and dimming functions.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Modern design paired with a classic blade style

2. Versatility with a choice of wall control or remote and smart functionality

3. Slim and compact style that produces silent airflow

4. Electroplated metal components provide durability and quality

4) Eco Style Range

“They look even better in real life, and they cool our home very effectively.”
best ceiling fan with light
The Eco style is one of the most popular fans this year with an elegant yet simple design – the new beechwood colour has been a big hit!

Fanco maintains its commitment to excellence with the Eco Style range. This is an attractive three-blade design offering six speed settings from a handy remote control. The Eco Style allows the user to adjust the airflow to suit bedrooms, living rooms and even outdoor areas. The range includes a model with a user-replaceable LED light with both CCT and dimming functionality.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Seamless, lightweight blades generate aerodynamic flow

2. Minimalist design enhances energy efficiency

3. High quality airflow from a compact structure

4. Included remote with 5 speed settings for a variety of scenarios

5) Summer Range

“It’s hard to believe how much is packed into such a simple looking fan – and the price is amazing!”

The Summer DC ceiling fan range from newcomer Claro is proving to be exceptional value. Available with either timber (indoor only) or ABS plastic blades, this four-blade design gives you all the benefits of a DC motor at an excellent price point. With six speeds to cover a broad airflow spectrum, these fans are well suited to bedrooms and smaller living and lounge rooms. Choosing the version with ABS blades will even allow you to install it in covered outdoor spaces. Both the ABS and timber blade varieties are available with an excellent LED light which has CCT functionality.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Compact style with exceptional value

2. Economical airflow suitable for smaller areas

3. Packed with features including a six-speed remote and timer off function

4. Quality structure with either timber or abs plastic blades

6) Wynd DC

“The Wynd is very impressive – a beautiful timber fan.”

A natural beauty, the Wynd has three handcrafted timber blades finished in walnut. Like many of the fans on this list, the Wynd measures up on both aesthetic and performance measures, particularly in the realm of energy efficiency.

Using no more than 25 watts on its highest setting, the Wynd rotates up to 195 times a minute to produce a respectable air flow of 9,743 m3/hr – an excellent result for very little energy consumption.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Expert craftsmanship gives handcrafted solid timber blades

2. A stylish canopy anchors a trio of natural blades

3. Complementing its style is sustainable energy efficiency

4. Impressive temperature automation that optimizes airflow for living

7 – Breeze AC

“It’s really a very lovely fan, and it moves just enough air for us.”

A high-quality fan in a simple but striking style, the Breeze ceiling fan will make an effective cooling solution to most areas of the home. With a blade span of 52 inches, it provides enough coverage to cool sitting areas and bedrooms.

It’s also suitable for installation in covered outdoor areas and coastal settings, thanks to an anti-corrosive paint applied to all of its metal components, and the decision to use ABS plastic to craft its delicately contoured blades.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Neat, high-end appearance and affordable value

2. Traditional AC motor and wall control complements a modern style

3. Anti-corrosive components allow for outdoor and coastal instalment

4. Minimalist design and size, suitable for various bedroom and living

8 – New Image

“Great fans, easy to install, nearly silent and look fantastic!”

This modern New Image ceiling fan incorporates sleek lines into a traditional four blade design. It is packed with features including two controllers, allowing the user the choice between a remote control, a wall control, or both in tandem.

This high airflow model uses just 26 watts to move over 14,000 m3/hr, demonstrating exceptional energy efficiency. It’s rated for indoor, outdoor, and coastal areas, meaning that wherever you need a fan, the New Image might just be your solution!

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Four sleek blades that curve away from a powerful motor

2. Choice of control between an included remote and/or wall controller

3. Remarkably high airflow with a low energy consumption

4. Versatile structure suitable for coastal, outdoor or indoor locations

9 – Horizon

“Really impressive air movement, it’s just great”

Performance, style and convenience come packaged together in the Horizon 2.0 DC Ceiling fan. While both the 52-inch and 64-inch sizes are classified as high airflow, the larger size moves 19,010 m3/hr, a very impressive figure.

Both sizes are available with either a six-speed hardwired wall control or a SMART compatible remote control, which works with Google and Alexa home automation systems. It’s available in three colours to suit modern interiors and outdoor furnishings.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Contoured blade pitch optimises airflow

2. Features modern technology including the option for smart control

3. innovative motor switchable across six-speeds

4. Engineered with durability for indoor, outdoor and coastal conditions

10 – Enviro

” Circulates air very effectively”

A simple design to complement modern interiors, the Enviro fan comes in two sizes, allowing you to maintain your style throughout your home. Both sizes use minimal energy to produce substantial airflow, making it a strong choice for living rooms and outdoor areas. It comes with a remote-control handset which gives you access to six speeds and reverse functionality. Customers choosing the model with an integrated LED light will also enjoy a choice of colour temperature and brightness thanks to its CCT and dimming functions.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Available in two sizes for consistent performance across locations

2. Well suited for entertaining areas including outdoors

3. Minimal energy consumption due to a well-engineered structure

4. A large blade span that produces exception, high quality airflow

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