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Best Ceiling Fans in Australia for 2023/24

The top 10 ceiling fans released in the last 12 months – Updated for October 2023

Our customers want the best ceiling fans but choosing the right one for their needs can be tricky. We list hundreds of ceiling fans on our site, so we wanted to make the process of choosing easier for our customers. People install ceiling fans in all types of environments from balconies to bedrooms – so picking out an overall top 10 is no easy feat. Luckily after so many years in the business, we have a pretty good idea of what people tend to look for in a fan. We used this knowledge to assemble a list of fans that represent the quality, value and good design that our customers deserve.

1) Infinity-ID DC Range

“I love the slim lines and the delicately curved blades. It looks amazing!”
infinity id dc ceiling fan top rated

Maintaining its popularity with Architects, Designers and our staff alike, the Infinity-iD returns to its spot as the best ceiling fan for 2024.

With its beautiful Scandinavian-inspired design and its minimalist slimline aesthetic the Fanco Infinity-ID ticks all the boxes both in its aesthetics and its functionality.

As one of the most efficient DC fans, the Infinity-iD continues to be one of the best looking money and energy savers in the market. With its huge variety of remote and wall control options, as well as smart home integration, the infinity opens new doors for users to explore and customise where and how they use their fan. As a Fanco product, the Infinity benefits from their market leading 8 year warranty, and is one of the models benefiting from their user replaceable CCT LED technology, meaning that users can feel safe knowing they’re covered should something go amiss.

Overall, the fan is extremely approachable in both it’s gorgeous aesthetics and its easy to use adaptable nature, and with the piece of mind the Fanco backing provides, we once again crown the fanco Infinity as our fan of the year.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Popular minimal stylish design, popular with architects & designers

2. Various speeds offering performance and extra gentle airflow

3. Extremely quiet and energy efficient operations

4. Great user experience with different control options like remote and app

2) Aeratron AE+ DC Range

“The ultimate energy efficient choice, 20w on the highest speed is class leading”

The Aeratron maintains its reputation as the superior Premium Fan selection. The award winning fan stands out with its expertly engineered blade designs, providing extremely efficient and quiet operations in all conditions. It truly is the best fan-you’ll never hear.

Its incredible engineering does come with a premium price tag, but if you’re willing to invest, this fan will elevate your space in a way few others can.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Modern Organic Stylings with a large selection of models

2. Extreme energy and airflow efficiency

3. Built to last with aerofoil ABS blades

4. Respected premium brand

3) Eco Silent Deluxe Range

“It creates plenty of airflow, it’s very quiet and it looks great!”

We love the Eco Silent Deluxe range because they are best modern evolution of the classic four bladed fan design.

The simple design is packed full of modern features including the full range of wall, remote and smart control options; Great energy efficiency from its powerful DC motor; And, as a Fanco product, it features their market leading 8 Year warranty and the user replaceable CCT LED. As an extra bonus on top of all that, the Eco Silent Deluxe is rated for outdoor and costal uses, meaning that this fan can truly be used everywhere in the home. This all culminates with a fan that is truly robust in its applications, and users can expect a reliable modern product in a classic package.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Suitable for indoor, outdoor and costal use

2. Highly efficient DC motor with low operating costs and noise

3. Wide selection of control features for an approachable user experience

4. Fanco product with market leading 8 year warranty.

4) – Cloudfan DC Range

” Circulates air very effectively”
calibo cloudfan ceiling fan

As a relative newcomer to the market, the Cloudfan has certainly earned its position by being a reliable and feature dense model, gracing users with its modern stylings and its fantastic airflow.

Built with performance in mind, the Cloudfan optimises its DC motor to provide an impressive airflow for its relative size. Its great performance extends to other features as well, including a very powerful 2320 Lumen dimmable LED kit, making it one of the most powerful lights on the market.

The fan itself has been built for performance as well featuring a hardy rust free abs construction with a plethora of colours and finishes available, none of which hinder or alter is effectiveness. On top of that, as Calibo are known for, it’s smart features are well regarded and wide reaching.

Overall the Cloudfan is a very impressive high achiever, providing users with a high tech, high performance fan suitable for use throughout your home.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. High airflow and powerful light

2. Well regarded Smart integration

3. Rust free ABS plastic coating

4. Versatile neutral stylings

5) Eco Style DC Range

“They look even better in real life, and they cool our home very effectively.”
best ceiling fan with light
The Eco style is one of the most popular fans this year with an elegant yet simple design – the new beechwood colour has been a big hit!

Remaining ever popular, the Eco Style remains the ideal choice for a high quality 3 blade design.

Its elegant minimal design remains an attractive favourite for those looking for a high quality fan at a more budget price-point.

The looks aren’t all just for show though, the Eco Style is a powerful fan with a big package. Its blades generate reliable and effective airflow, and with its DC motor the Eco Style maintains this power at a use of minimal energy and little to no motor noise. With 6 speeds to choose from and Fanco’s user replaceable LED, the Eco Style is truly Style and substance.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Elegant and popular design

2. Energy efficient DC Motor

3. Multiple finishes for integration into a plethora of room aesthetics.

4. Fanco 8 year warranty

Popular Eco Style Models

6) – Glider DC Range

“It’s really a very lovely fan, and it moves just enough air for us.”

Claro are a brand known for finding balance. They pride themselves on releasing fan models that have a robust selection of key features, at an attractive price point. The Glider is no exception to this, and is a well balanced and increasingly respected fan within its price range.

What make the Glider truly unique is its clever engineering, seamlessly integrating its optional CCT LED into its motor housing and blade shape, leaving users with a flat unobtrusive and elegant fan design that does not skimp on airflow or energy efficiency. Balance.

Although this shape and design philosophy is not unique to the Glider, having this style of fan available at this price point makes it a special and unique choice for any savvy consumer looking to balance of performance, style and cost.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Light seamlessly integrated into motor housing

2. Attractive price point for unique design

3. High airflow design

4. Unique flat design

Popular Glider Models

7) – Horizon DC Range

“Really impressive air movement, it’s just great”

The Horizon holds a special niche within Fanco’s line-up as their high airflow specialist. With over 13,000 m3/hr on high (52 inch model), this powerful fan acts as an efficient powerhouse providing reliable quantities of cool relief and consistent effective circulation in all conditions.

What we find especially impressive about the Horizon is that is sacrifices very little to create that airflow. It uses a hearty DC motor meaning that even on higher speeds uses impressively little energy, all whilst the motor stays remarkably quiet.

Finally, the Horizon boasts a streamlined minimal blade and motor design that wraps around the internal light, creating a sturdy and elegant design that can be used in indoor, outdoor and coastal environments. Overall the horizon is a very robust, if specialised fan, that whilst not as elegant or popular as some of the other items on this list is still certainly a very high quality and useful model suited for any condition you can throw at it.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Very high airflow

2. Elegant minimal design

3. Extremely versatile for indoor, outdoor and coastal environments

4. Design and speeds suited to all spaces ranging from bedrooms to outdoor spaces

8) Summer DC Range

“It’s hard to believe how much is packed into such a simple looking fan – and the price is amazing!”

Whilst still being a relative newcomer to the Claro family, the Summer DC is proving to be extremely popular value purchase. Available with either timber or ABS plastic blades, this classic four-blade design gives users all the benefits of a DC motor at an excellent price point, meaning not only is this fan an affordable pickup, but it saves the user money over time with its energy efficiency.

With six speeds to cover a broad airflow spectrum, these fans have found themselves installed in a variety of spaces, including bedrooms and smaller living spaces to larger lounge and dining rooms. Choosing the version with ABS blades will even allow users to install it in covered outdoor spaces, meaning that you can have matching indoor and outdoor fans at an extremely affordable price point. It’s this versatility of applications and variety of airflows that have earned this humble little fan a much coveted Choice recommendation, and a spot in our top 10.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Brilliant 4 blade design

2. Budget option

3. Choice recommended

4. Design and speeds suited to all spaces ranging from bedrooms to outdoor spaces

9) Wynd DC Range

“The Wynd is very impressive – a beautiful timber fan.”

The Fanco Wynd is a unique and special fan in our ratings this year. Featuring beautiful artisanally handcrafted timber blades, this fan is perfect for use in as a statement piece or thematic accent in any room.

The Wynd isn’t just built around its aesthetics either, it features a strong DC motor; a strength needed to move the heavy blades. What makes this special however, is that despite its strength, this motor moves the blades with ease, using very low amounts of energy, and with very low noise, meaning that this fan can operate as an effective air circulation or cooling device without any sacrifices being made to accompany its aesthetic values.

The aesthetic values are varied and diverse too, with the Wynd coming in a large selection of coloured high quality finishes, allowing users to pick the perfect combination to bring their rooms to life. Again, the Wynd pushes for technical qualities that complement its aesthetics.

Overall the Wynd is an impressive, if specialised entry on our list this year, and although we love its style and bold aesthetics, it ultimately is a specialised and less mainstream choice compared to many other entries on this list.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Good effective airflow

2. Elegant artisanally crafted blades

3. Impressive engineering behind the DC motor to carry the blades as quietly as it does

4. Unique statement piece perfect for a variety of themes

10) – Surf DC Range

“Great fans, easy to install, nearly silent and look fantastic!”

Eglo round out our list this year with a rising star. The Surf.

An increasingly popular fan, this Austrian number has been growing in popularity over the past year thanks to its approachable price point, minimalist low profile blades, and attractive SMART connectivity.

With a minimalist design, the flatter shape of the Eglo proves to be a popular selling point with many loving how effortlessly it can integrate into their existing décor. Of special note is the fan’s special ABS coating meaning that it can be used outdoor undercover in costal environments. This has led the fan to be very popular choice for upgrading living rooms and outdoor patios, or rooms with large balconies.

Also of special note is the fan’s modular SMART connectivity. Instead of relying on a built in smart receiver, the Surf relies on a seperate modular receiver that connects to fans internals, meaning that rather than having smart connectivity built in, users can chose to upgrade their fan to get that extra utility. Whether or not this is a preferred approach is yet to be seen, but many users do appreciate the option to chose what connectivity their fan comes with.

All in all, the Surf is a great all in 1 package with the option to customise both its look and connectivity to suit users needs, and at its price point it is a very consistent and approachable package.

What’s great about this Fan?

1. Low profile blade design suited for all spaces and styles

2. Non-rusting materials make it great for outdoor spaces

3. versatile SMART connectivity to other devices

4. Base models come at approachable price-point

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