Top 10 - Best Ceiling Fans in Australia For 2018

best new ceiling fan

Updated for 2018/19 Season

The top 10 ceiling fans released in the last 12 months - Updated for October 2018

infinity ceiling fan

number one#1 Fanco Infinity-i DC Ceiling fan


The Infinity DC ceiling fan is our number one pick for a number of reasons. It is a high quality energy efficient DC motor ceiling fan with an architectural style. The Infinity by Fanco operates quietly with a six speed remote for greater control of the ceiling fan and is reversible for summer and winter modes.

Its IP Rating makes the Infinity a versatile choice: It's suitable for indoor areas to match a range of interior decors or can feature outside in undercover areas including patios and outdoor entertainment spaces. This fan ticks all the boxes and are flying out the door this summer!

urban 2 dc ceiling fan

#2 Urban 2 DC Ceiling fan


If you’re looking for a reliable DC ceiling fan encompassing the best elements of modern and traditional styles, the Urban 2 DC ceiling fan may be the one for you! Utilising safe timber blades, the Urban 2 DC is  low in energy consumption. Although it uses no more than 29.4w on its highest setting, it produces an extremely high airflow of up to 13,560m3/hr!

The reversible setting is controlled by remote, allowing you the flexibility of Summer and Winter use. The model with light includes a dimmable LED with Colour Changing Technology, giving you even more control over your environment.

wynd ceiling fan

#3 Wynd DC Ceiling fan


A natural beauty, the Wynd has three handcrafted timber blades finished in walnut. Like many of the fans on this list, the Wynd measures up on both aesthetic and performance measures, particularly in the realm of energy efficiency.

Using no more than 25 watts on its highest setting, the Wynd is rotatates up to 195 times a minute to produce a respectable air flow of 9,743 m3/hr - an excellent result for very little energy consumption.

eco breeze ceiling fan

#4 Eco Breeze DC Ceiling fan


The Eco Breeze DC ceiling fan is one of the latest additions to the Fanco range. The Eco Breeze offers a stylish addition to any home and is available with or without an LED light option. Its DC motor allows the Eco Breeze to run quietly and efficiently, powered by just 4W on its lowest setting. It comes with a remote control which gives allows the user to choose between 5 speeds. The fan also features a reversible motor for use in Summer and Winter.

eco breeze ceiling fan

#5 Radical II DC Ceiling fan


Hunter Pacific upgraded one of their most popular models this year! Now available in 6 colour options, the Radical II DC features an improved motor which produces higher airflow than its predecessor. This new model boasts an exceptionally high airflow output of 16,272 m3/hr.

The 60" ceiling fan available is a popular choice for outdoor entertaining areas, where the large diameter provides broader coverage broader than a standard size fan. This fan features an energy efficient low wattage DC motor and includes a 6-speed remote control.

otten ceiling fan

#6 Otten DC Ceiling fan


From one of our newest brands, the Vento Otten is a commanding presence with a 60 inch blade span and lightweight industrial style. This beautiful fan features reversible blades, finished in oak on one side and mahogany on the other.They are fastened to the motor with finely detailed brackets which elevate the fan's overall design.

However the Otten earned its spot on this list with its impressive airflow and efficiency. The 32.7 watt motor creates up to 12,233 m3/hr of air flow  and when set to its lowest speed, uses just 3.7 watts/. With such a winning combination, this fan is set to be a Summer favourite.

otten ceiling fan

#7 Revolution III Ceiling fan


The Hunter Pacific Revolution 3 Ceiling fan has an upgraded motor, increased blade pitch and some minor cosmetic changes whilst retaining the popular looks of the Revolution. The fan features Slimline Motor Technology with high quality polymer aerofoil blades. The Revolution features a distinctive slimline motor, with models available with integrated LED lights.

The fan produces an impressive 13,332 m3/hr on high speed and comes with a 3 speed wall controller included.

otten ceiling fan

#8 Liberty IP55 Ceiling fan

 The Martec Liberty claims the highest available IP rating for a ceiling fan - IP55! This makes the fan a rare contender for outdoor coastal applications. Very few of its competitors make the IP55 grade in this particular style. The Martec Liberty IP55 Ceiling fan incorporates 4 electronically balanced ABS plastic blades and a fully reversible 65w motor. 

With a wide blade span of 56 inches, the Liberty IP 55 will provide broad coverage on any of its three speed settings. 

otten ceiling fan

#9 Swish DC Ceiling fan


The Vento Swish is designed by Karim Rashid and has won awards for design excellence including the IF International Design Award and Taiwan Excellence Award both in 2018. Looking at the design, there is no question as to why.

The Swish has an incredibly unique blade design which would make a bold statement in a modern household. Beyond the aesthetic appearance, it has an energy efficient DC motor and an integrated 11W LED light seamlessly blended at the base of the motor.

otten ceiling fan

#10 Tourbillion DC Ceiling fan


The Eglo Tourbillion ceiling fan features the latest in DC technology that consumes only 47W per hour on it's highest speed. The Tourbillion is an extra large fan that is available in either a 60" or 80" blade diameter made from aluminium.

This Eglo ceiling fan is ideal for large indoor and outdoor under covered areas and comes complete with 2 downrods; 200mm and 600mm, in order to make installation easier.