Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Keep your bathroom comfortable and mould-free with a high-quality exhaust fan from Fansonline. Our fans are designed to remove moisture and humidity from the air, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. We offer a wide variety of fans to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your bathroom.

Why You Need a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A bathroom exhaust fan is an important investment for any home. Aside from removing moisture an preventing the growth of mould, it can help to improve air quality by removing stale air and pollutants. It also may reduce the risk of respiratory problems and increases the lifespan of your bathroom décor.

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Bathroom Fan Categories

When choosing a bathroom exhaust fan, there are a few factors you need to consider.

How to Choose a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Size: The size of your bathroom will determine the amount of air that the fan needs to move. It is generally recommended to have a capacity of 10-15 times the air volume in the room (height x width x length). If a fan is being ducted out, it is usually better to increase the capacity to offset air resistance caused by the duct, bends, grilles, etc

Moisture: The amount of moisture you generate in your bathroom will also affect the size of fan you need. If you take long, hot showers or baths, or if you have a lot of steamy appliances in your bathroom, you will need a larger fan.

Noise level: Bathroom exhaust fans can be noisy, so it is important to choose one that is quiet enough to be comfortable. Look for the noise level rating listed on each product.

Features: Some bathroom exhaust fans have additional features, such as timers and humidity sensors. These features can be helpful in ensuring that your bathroom is properly ventilated.

Tips for using a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

  • Install the fan in the right location: The fan should be installed near the shower or bath, so that it can draw in the moist air.
  • Run the fan for at least 20 minutes after each shower or bath: This will help to ensure that all of the moisture is removed from the air.
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