Wall Exhaust Fans

Guide to Wall Mount Exhaust Fans

Wall mounted ventilation fans are commonly used in domestic applications for areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry areas. A wall mounted fan may be your preference if you have a very limited roof cavity. The wall exhaust fan will require a (typically circular) hole to be cut in the brickwork, allowing for the fan and external vent to be installed through the wall.

Typically a wall fan will consist of the motor component (inside) with ducting or tubing leading to an external vent. There are a few things to consider when installing a wall mounted exhaust fan. If you are replacing an old exhaust fan you will need to remove the wall fan and measure the hole size. It is also necessary to measure the depth of the wall. For a new installation you just need to be sure your fan is suitable based on the depth of the wall – you will need to make a suitable hole in the wall to accommodate the fan.

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