Top 5 Small Fans

Updated for 2021 Season

The top 5 best small fans released in the last 12 months - Updated for January 2021

Sometimes the right fan comes in a small package. You might be looking for a little extra circulation in a small space, or find that bigger fans are just too powerful for your liking. In any case if you need a smaller fan, our top five is an excellent place to start looking.


Unique Mini Fan Superb LED Light Energy Efficient Quiet Operation

“The clever blade design generates airflow from such a small fan!”

The Claro Mini features in our top 10 because it provides a solution for a very small bedroom! We love this cute little fan and the overall diameter of just 28" is relatively unique! The fan comes with a beautifully incorporated CCT LED Light and the blades elegantly wrap around the motor, which as well as being aesthetic, also ensures that the fan is able to generate a reasonable level of airflow. Powered by an energy efficient DC motor using only 4.9 watts on the low speed this fan is a great choice for the energy conscious!


 Energy Efficient  Variable Speeds  LED Light Option  Low Profile 

-"It has everything I need. It's low profile, a bit smaller and it has a light. As a bonus, it's a lot quieter than my last fan." -

The smallest member of the infinity range combines a small diameter with a low ceiling to blade drop. Descending just 214 mm from the ceiling, the Infinity DC with LED needs less space than most fans. This low-profile design means it is perfect for homes with a lower than average ceiling height. With 6 speeds controlled via the included remote you have greater control over your airflow preferences which will come in handy this Summer. This new model of the Infinity definitely ticks a lot of boxes for a fan its size.



  Enclosed Blades  2 Colour Options With LED Light

-“My study is so small that I didn’t think I’d find a strong fan for it. The Manhattan proved me wrong”-

 The unique Manhattan by Ventair is completely unique as it features blades that are enclosed within a motor with an LED light that wraps around the side. Not only is the fan great for a small space but the fact that the blades are enclosed make it a good solution for safety reasons. At a mere 22" overall diameter this is one of the smallest models available.


  Solid Timber Blades  2 Colour Options With or Without LED Light

-“Beautiful fan with solid timber blades”-

We have added the Sleeper in 48" as one of our top picks in the small fan category for this year. Firstly we wanted to add an option with solid timber blades which has been an emerging style trend this season, but the main reason behind our choice is we absolutely love the design and features! In 48" the fan can be purchased with or without light and you have a choice of two colours. The Sleeper is also available in a larger 56" model, below you will see both 48" and 56" models:


  Colour Options Light Option  Wall Control Option  SMART Control Option

-“It fits perfectly!”-

The innovative Skyfan from Ventair comes in several sizes, including a compact 36 inch diameter. With its sleek, modern design, this model is sure to make a strong impact in small spaces. It has an excellent light with CCT and dimming functionality, which is very easy to operate. All fans in the Skyfan range come with a remote control by default but can be upgraded to either a wall control or SMART controller. Just check the accessories on the individual listings to find what you’re looking for.