150/200mm Dark Charcoal Low Profile Roof Vent

Low Profile Roof Vent - Dark Charcoal 125/150mm

150/200mm Dark Charcoal Low Profile Roof Vent

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Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $155.00.

Low Profile Roof Vent (RV68MM) with a superb design to allow for a non-obtrusive option to vent via your roof. A fantastic alternative to more traditional cowl vents and because of it’s aerodynamic design it can be easily installed on the roof, even under solar panels. This product will make venting through your roof an easy, quick and attractive choice. This model includes a 200mm neck and 150mm neck adapter.

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The Low Profile Roof Vent is compliant with AS3959 for bush fire zones up to BAL-40. It consists of a metal body for maximum durability and can be installed on both metal & tiled roofs.


  • Internal deflector to protect from water getting into the vent
  • Suitable for tiled & metal roof installs
  • 580x600mm aluminium flashing
  • Can be installed under solar panels due to slim profile
  • 2mm aperture steel mesh keeps pests out
  • Aerodynamic design to resist rain and wind. The curved and overhanging top protects from outdoor elements like wind & rain
  • This unit is able to be painted

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150mm, 200mm

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