Top 5 - Best Low Profile Fans in Australia For 2020

Updated for 2021 Season

The top 5 Best Low Profile  fans released in the last 12 months - Updated for September 2021

Don’t despair if you’re trying to find a ceiling fan for your low ceiling. There are plenty of good quality fans out there, in a whole array of colours, styles and sizes! This is true even of hugger/low-profile models. There are even low profile fans with lights if that’s what you need.

See our top picks for the best low-profile fans below.

Please note: If you’re in Australia, you should allow 2.1 metres between the ceiling fan’s blade and the floor, so make sure you measure before you buy.


 ✓ Ceiling to Blade Drop: 210 mm (approx)   Remote / Smart Models  Hardwired Wall Control Option  Quiet Operation 210mm Ceiling to Blade Drop  Energy Efficient  With or Without Light

-  "The feature packed low profile DC fan with Smart Technology" -

This fan really is the complete package for a bedroom! Available in a 48" overall diameter size with or without light the fan is sized perfectly for a bedroom, and the 210mm ceiling to blade drop make the fan well suited to bedrooms with slightly lower than average ceilings, or if you want to achieve the popular 'hugger' look. The fan is available to buy with a remote control that also comes SMART enabled, meaning that you can control the fan from the convenience of your smartphone. Also available is a hardwired wall control model (without light only). If you opt for the fan with light you will receive an energy efficient LED light that offers CCT technology as well as being dimmable. The complete bedroom fan!


 ✓ Ceiling to Blade Drop: 270 mm (approx)   Modern Design  Light Option  Colour Options ✓ Size Options ✓ Outdoor  Energy Efficient

-  "I thought I'd have to compromise, but here it is - a gorgeous low profile outdoor ceiling fan. " -

With a ceiling to blade drop of just 270mm, the Infinity ID another great choice for people with lower-than-average ceilings. The 48-inch size is well suited to bedrooms, studies and smaller living rooms. Rooms with more floor space and outdoor areas will benefit from the extra coverage the 54 model provides. This Scandinavian style design also comes with either a hardwired DC wall control or a remote with SMART capability.


  Low Ceiling to Blade Drop   Modern Design  Wide Bladespan  Light Options  Energy Efficient

- " It's hard to find a bigger fan low ceilings, but this is great"-

Offering broad coverage for rooms with low ceilings, the Instinct combines a 54-inch blade span with a mere 169mm ceiling to blade drop. It has six speeds and circulates a moderate amount of air and is incredibly energy efficient. The light’s CCT and dimming functions are both operated by the remote, meaning this model is very easy to use. Low profile fans like this one are also very popular for children’s bedrooms or as unobtrusive style in a living area. 



  Ceiling to Blade Drop: 165 mm (approx)   Modern Design  Light Option - Dimmable!!!  Colour Options  Energy Efficient  

- "Excellent quality and the perfect size fan for our ceiling height" -

With a ceiling to blade drop of just 165mm, the Airborne Profile DC ceiling fan offers an excellent cooling solution for customers short on space. This six-speed fan is capable of strong airflow even though it uses very little energy.  This range also includes a model with a dimmable CCT light whichis operated by an easy to use remote control or by an optional wall control accessory. You will also love the fan's reverse and timer functions. 

#5 - FLUSH

  Ceiling to Blade Drop: 253 mm (approx)   Light Options  Modern design Upgrade to remote

- “Because of our low ceilings I wanted a nice simple fan. This is it” -

With a simple design and a ceiling to blade drop of 253mm, the Flush is a great option for lower than average ceilings. It’s well suited to bedrooms and other low traffic areas which will benefit most from its moderate airflow. The Flush is also available with an integrated tri-colour LED light. Selecting this option will give you access to 3 step dimming using the wall switch. It’s hard to find another low profile fan and light combination with this level of functionality.