Introducing the New Revolution DC by Hunter Pacific

revolution dc ceiling fan review

Introducing the Revolution DC

The Revolution Ceiling Fan is a well-known and popular range by Hunter Pacific. DC motored ceiling fans are trending, with the majority of manufacturers looking to take advantage of the new technology and all the benefits it has to offer. The Revolution 2 DC is a new addition to the range of ceiling fans on offer in the 2016/17 season. The DC model is packed with a wide range of great features, which we will cover in this article.

Why a DC Motor?

Typically, DC motors operate together with an in-built transformer that converts standard AC input to DC output, consuming less power than AC motors whilst AC motors connect directly to the power source. DC motors are widely used today as a preferred motor for many applications and incorporate brushless technology and sophisticated central circuitry. In simple terms this results in a product that can provide more airflow whilst consuming less power, which is energy efficiency. In most cases a DC motor will also offer benefits in terms of motor noise.

What’s so special about the Revolution DC?

The Revolution 2 DC at its highest speed only consumes 30 watts, this is a very low figure considering the power of the motor. Not only does the Revolution 2 DC minimise the power consumption, it produces a VERY HIGH airflow figure of 15,633 m3/hr at top speed. This is a great air mover, to give you some context we usually categorise a powerful fan as anything over 10,000 m3/hr. In terms of airflow it’s one of the highest on the market at the time of publishing this article. On the low speed the fan consumes only 5w. This is probably as energy efficient as a fan can be, whilst also producing 4930 m3/hr. With 6 selectable speeds via the remote control the Revolution DC gives you a great degree of control, take a look at the technical data for each speed below:

 Speed 1Speed 2Speed 3Speed 4Speed 5Speed 6

Revolution DC – Pinnacle of Ceiling Fan Design

The Revolution design has proved very popular; the fan has a slimline style motor with four plastic blades. The fan can be used in coastal and wet rated areas, making it a perfect choice for a wide variety of installation locations. To view the fan click here.

revolution dc by hunter pacific

Revolution 2 DC Summary

  • Huge Airflow 15,663 m3/hr. To give you some context we usually consider a high airflow fan to be 10,000 m3/hr. Click here to view all high airflow options
  • Energy efficient, consumes only 30w on high speed
  • Super low running costs on the lowest speed, only 5w. To put this into perspective charging a phone consumes between 2-4w.
  • 6 Speeds, you can really fine tune a happy medium in terms of performance vs power consumption

Published on 25th July 2016