1-2 Room Heat Transfer Kit with 12m of Insulated Duct & 200mm Silent Fan

1-2 Room Heat Transfer Kit with 12m of Insulated Duct & 200mm Silent Fan


1-2 Room Heat Transfer Kit with 12m of Insulated Duct & 200mm Silent Fan

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The 1-2 Room Heat Transfer kit is designed to move warm (or cold) air from one room to another room in your home. This is ideally used where one room becomes excessively heated, while other rooms require more heating. This kit comes with the TT Silent inline fan. This kit is intended for DIY installation, it contains a fan with an inbuilt two speed switch and lead & plug. However, if you are purchasing accessories, please check if they need to be hard wired by an electrician.


Heat Transfer Kit Features Overview:

Installation: Typically in Ceiling Cavity
Fan Capacity 1020m3/hr
Noise: 36 dB(A)
Wattage: 110w
Ducting: 12m of 200mm insulated duct

The Heat Transfer Kit system uses a ceiling vent in a particularly warm room and an inline fan to transfer it, through insulated ducting, to a vent that opens onto the room that requires further warming. The Heat Transfer Kit provides an energy and cost-efficient way of moving heat around your home. These kits can also be used to circulate cool air in the summer.

To view detailed specifications relating to the inline fan included in this kit - Inline Fan Specification

Heat Transfer Kit includes:

  • 1 x 200mm TT Silent Mixflow inline fan with lead and plug
  • Fan comes with lead & plug and inbuilt two speed switch.
  • 2 x 6m length of 200mm R1.0 Insulated ducting
  • 1 x BTO 200mm x 200mm x 200mm
  • 3 x 200mm - 290mm Round Cone Diffuser¬†Click here for vent information
  • 1 x Duct Tape
  • 1 x Hanging Tape

How the Heat Transfer Kit works

Warm air is picked up, usually at a high point, using a ceiling vent in the source room and the fan transfers it to the vents in the destination room or rooms. The fan is usually turned on via a wall switch (not provided) in the source room. An alternative is to use a thermostat (optional) so the fan comes on after the source room has reached the set temperature, and will go off if the temperature drops below the set temperature or if manually turned off. Vents in the destination room (or rooms) are ideally placed furthest from the door. This way the cold air is displaced out of the room and ideally will return to the source room to be heated, then transferred to the destination rooms and the cycle is repeated.


The kits can be installed by the client as it is relatively easy to install. Some handyman skills are required to make holes in the plaster, etc. An electrician is needed to provide power to then fan (or a power point) and a switch, also to install a thermostat if required. The electrician can also install the system at the same time. The fan is provided with a lead and plug, so it can be plugged in to an available power point which an electrician could install independent of the system installation. An optional thermostat is available (see accessories below). PLEASE NOTE: an electrician is required to instal a thermostat.

The thermostat is usually placed in the room with the warm air and will turn on the fan once the room has reached the user set temperature. At this point the room is assumed to be "too warm" and it is time to transfer warm air to other rooms. The fan will stop running if the temperature drops below the set temperature. The thermostat can also be used when transferring cold air, in that case settings and behaviour will be in reverse ie once the room is too cold, the fan will operate and transfer cold air to the other rooms.

Please Note:

These heat transfer kits are designed to move air slowly from a warm room to other, colder rooms and the aim is to take the chill out of the destination rooms. We aim to achieve about 6 changes per hour in each destination room, assuming a 25m3 per room. The idea of a heat transfer system is to take the excess heat, not all of the heat. Taking too much warm air from the room with the heater will most likely make it cold, as the heater is generally over-sized for the room but not designed to do many more rooms. A heater and heat transfer kit will work quite well in most situations but it is very unlikely to be as effective as a central heating system.

More Information
Model Number EHUFDHK22PR10
Application Domestic
Brand Fanco
Motor Type Mixflow
Installation Location Ceiling
Installation Includes Lead & Plug, Accessories May Require Hardwiring
Capacity (l/s) 283 l/s
Capacity (m3/hr) 1020 m3/hr
Rec Room Size (m3) 37
Noise dB(A) 36
Power (Watts) 52
Ductable Yes
Duct Size 200mm
Built in Draft Stopper Yes
Warranty The Manufacturer offers a 2 year replacement warranty (conditions apply)
Disclaimer *'Recommended room size" figures are based on achieving 15 air changes per hour. Generally this is sufficient, however it does not constitute specific advice. All products that require hardwiring will need to be installed by a licensed electrician.
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