Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

The intention of this guide is to give a basic understanding on choosing fan sizes and identify any accessories that may be needed.

The information is general in nature and does not constitute specific advice to any client. Fansonline does not take responsibility for a client’s choice of fan or accessories. If you need specific advice, please contact us with your requirements and situation.

1) Can I have a fan ? The vast majority of people find that a fan can be installed in their homes.
If your ceilings are 2.4m or higher then you can usually install a fan that fits within the Australian standards. Most states require a fan to have its blades no lower than 2.1m from the floor. Please check the ceiling fan drop to measure.

2) Choose the size of the fan
Fan sizes are given as the diameter (blade span) of the fan. For example, a 52" fan will measure 52" from the tip of one blade to the tip of the opposite blade. The greater the diameter of the fan, the more area it will cover. For lounges, 52" and 56" fans are generally a good place to start. In bedrooms 48" and 52" fans are usually popular sizes unless the room is very small or unusually large.

3) Extension Rods
If the ceiling height is more than 3m then you will likely need an extension rod. These usually come in 90cm length size and the installer can cut it to size. You will need a 90cm rod up for ceilings up to 3.7m high. Some fans have an option for a 1.8m rod for higher ceilings.

4) Remote Control
A remote control is usually an option for any fan and can be purchased as an accessory with your fan purchase so your electrician can install it at the same time as the fan, otherwise they are also available as an after-market accessory and can be installed after your fan. They can be very useful in cases where running wires from the fan to the wall control is not possible or too difficult. They are also useful if you like to control the fan from the comfort of your chair or bed. Note that once you fit a remote, a wall control can no longer be used.

5) Lights
Most fans are light adaptable meaning there is a range of lights that an installer (usually electrician) will fit to the fan. Other fans can only be fitted with their own integrated light or have a model including a light. These usually look more integrated as the light has been specifically designed to fit the fan.

6) Other accessories
Some people have ceiling roses in their ceiling. To fit a fan in the middle of the ceiling rose it is best to use a 'T-hook'.


Colour / Image Disclaimer

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Fanimation Fan Warranty Disclaimer

Please note that the limited lifetime warranty on Fanimation fans is valid for as long as the person who originally purchased the fans lives at the property where the fans are installed in. It is not valid for new occupants in a house where Fanimation fans were already installed. For further warranty information please reference the Fanimation Warranty Document.