Which Fan Is For Me?

Decisions, decisions… where does one begin in selecting a ceiling fan? The colour, the finish, the amount of blades to the size and then you’ve got lights, no lights, speed and much more.

There are many options to choose from so with the help from our Ceiling Fan Category we have made it that little bit easier.

There are many variables in determining which fan is most suitable for the home;

  • Location – Will the fan be indoors, outdoors, in a coastal or salt spray prone area?
  • Size – How much coverage does the room allow and even how high are your ceilings?
  • Functionality – Will the ceiling fan be replacing lighting within a space and what kind of operation aspect is best for your circumstances, remote control, wall control or pull cord?
  • Style – From Modern, Traditional, Retro, Architecural to even Tropical – what look are you trying to go for that fits with the interior design?

To each thier own but when it comes down to it, do you go for practicality and efficiency rather than style and flair.
These days you can have both, a stylish efficient fan to suit your home.

Also when searching for the right fan for you, another thing to consider is will it be a main feature in a room or do you prefer it to be a subtle addition. Furthermore for those with investmentĀ properties and such there are also a range of simple and basic ceiling fans to suit all needs.

Most importantantly is once you have choosen the right fan(s) always ensure that they are installed by a qualified electrician.

Assorted Ceiling Fans