SolarWhiz 28W Solar Powered Roof Ventilator With Adjustable Thermo/Hygrostat

SolarWhiz 28W Solar Powered Roof Ventilator With Adjustable Thermo/Hygrostat

SolarWhiz 28W Solar Powered Roof Ventilator With Adjustable Thermo/Hygrostat


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The 28W SolarWhiz Solar Powered Roof Ventilator with Thermo/Hygrostat is a highly capable unit that provides powerful airflow, moisture and condensation control, and efficient heat extraction. It’s incredibly easy to install on both tile and metal roofs and can run even in low-light conditions, ensuring your home is always protected during the hottest summer days. The unit comes with the Adjustable Temperature Thermo/Hygrostat, which allows users to control the temperature at which the unit operates, enabling you to introduce warmer air if it’s too cold in the morning or turn it off entirely throughout winter. This ventilator comes highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their home’s ventilation system.

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SolarWhiz 28W Features Overview:

Installation Roof
Extraction Rate 1,700 m3/hr
Noise <45 (dBA)
Motor Wattage 28w PV Panel
Weight 11kg

SolarWhiz runs whenever there is active sunlight reaching the solar panel, it does not include a battery to continue operation beyond daylight. This is suitable as direct sunlight is often the cause of excessive roof space heat. The included adjustable thermo/hygrostat provides complete control over when your Solar Whiz operates. During periods of exceptional heat, this can enable the unit to operate earlier, preventing heat build-up. Alternatively, you can deactivate the system to retain heat in winter. Expertly crafted with superior-grade materials:

  • a sturdy stainless steel fan body
  • a lightweight alloy fan cap
  • an advanced solar fan
  • a competent adjustable solar panel

How Does it Works

Solar Whiz is an effective solution for hot roof spaces and home interiors; providing an efficient exchange of hot air from within the property. For Solar Whiz to provide maximum performance, replacement air must be accessible and professional installation is required. By taking advantage of Solar Whiz, high volumes of hot air can be extracted from the roof space and/or home interior, thus allowing for a much cooler atmosphere in the ceiling and living spaces.



Powerful Extraction

In hot summer weather, as a result, up to 35% of the heat energy in your home comes from the roof. To tackle this, the Solar Whiz provides an innovative solution harnessing the power of the sun. It helps to keep your roof’s temperature close to the ambient air and maximise air cooling throughout the day.

Moisture and Condensation Control

To prevent moisture build-up and issues such as condensation and mould/mildew growth, it is important to ensure appropriate ventilation in the home. Adequate airflow is key to avoiding any potential problems, so it is essential to take the necessary steps to guarantee proper air circulation.

Additional information

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Manufacturers Part Number

SW-AU-R-28 / SW1112


SolarWhiz: 10 year warranty on the solar panel & 2 year components warranty

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All data is provided the manufacturer. Capacity figures are based on the extraction rate of the unit in 'freeflow'. This means without any ducting, vents or other components. As you add ducting to a fan it will impact the extraction rate as this introduces resistance. For this reason if you are ducting an extraction fan it is best to keen the run as short, tight and direct as possible. For more information please view our exhaust fan buying guide.

For comprehensive warranty information relating to this product please visit the manufacturers website.

The incredibly flexible and adaptable Solar Whiz system can be seamlessly integrated into almost any tile or metal roof, and our extensive selection of accessories will ensure that even the most complex installation requirements can be met with ease.
The ducting system is a great solution for effective temperature control and to prevent condensation. It draws air directly from rooms using a ducting system and can be installed on its own or in conjunction with other roof space extraction setups.
  • Powerful ventilation for entire rooms.
  • High performance air and condensation extraction.
Solar Whiz stands out from other suppliers due to its holistic approach to efficiency. By extracting hot air from your roof space and replacing it with cooler air through eaves or ceiling vents, enhances the unit’s performance.
  • Decrease the thermal load of your roof space.
  • Ducted air conditioners can operate with improved effectiveness.
This method is especially effective in multistory houses and can be used alongside evaporative cooling to get rid of excess humidity. By extracting air from the rooms, you can significantly reduce the temperature and create a more comfortable living environment.
  • Improve the efficiency of your evaporative air-con system through increased air circulation.
  • Fresh air is circulated through your living spaces.
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