Panasonic DC Exhaust Fan 24 Hour Ceiling Ventilator – Run On Timer and Motion Sensor

Panasonic DC Exhaust Fan 24 Hour Ceiling Ventilator - Run On Timer and Motion Sensor

Panasonic DC Exhaust Fan 24 Hour Ceiling Ventilator – Run On Timer and Motion Sensor


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The Panasonic DC Ceiling Ventilator (FV-24JR3) is a quality exhaust fan that provides superior performance whilst being eco-friendly with a DC motor. Its slim profile is suitable for a multitude of ceilings and is constructed with lightweight materials, minimising the installation process. The Panasonic exhaust fan is equipped with a built in backdraft shutter and built in run-on timer which operates for a 15 minute run.

The fan features 24 hour ventilation, controlled by the user to set the ventilation to their needs, the fan operates continuously assisting in eliminating mould and damp issues. This Panasonic model features a motion sensor which is automatically programmed to detect you walking in the room by turning on and once leaving the room the sensor will switch off.

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Panasonic DC Ceiling Ventilator Features Overview:

Installation Ceiling ONLY
Hole Size 230mm
Required Install Depth Requires 200mm of cavity space
Extraction Rate 158 m3/hr
Noise 36.5 dB(A)
Motor Wattage 9.3w
Ductable Yes – 100mm diameter
The Panasonic DC Ceiling Ventilator is an exhaust fan that is designed using intelligent technology to provide constant air volume and is constructed with double orifice and casing to provide low noise output whilst operating. The Panasonic exhaust fan is quiet on high speed of only 36.5 dB(A). The Panasonic ceiling exhaust fan comes included with a built in backdraft damper to meet BCA requirements. Includes powercord for easy installation. When installing the fan it should not be installed directly into the plasterboard. Panasonic recommends the installer place wood or metal materials ontop of the ceiling fan then screwing into that.
Speed Air Volume Power Consumption Noise at 1 meter
High 44 l/s 9.3 w 36.5 dB(A)
Medium 33 l/s 5.5 w 30.5 dB(A)
Low 22 l/s 3.6 w 24.5 dB(A)

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Installation Location

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Hole Size



Includes Lead & Plug


Panasonic: 3 year parts and labour warranty.

Manufacturers Part Number


BarCode Number : 8887549843426

All data is provided the manufacturer. Capacity figures are based on the extraction rate of the unit in 'freeflow'. This means without any ducting, vents or other components. As you add ducting to a fan it will impact the extraction rate as this introduces resistance. For this reason if you are ducting an extraction fan it is best to keen the run as short, tight and direct as possible. For more information please view our exhaust fan buying guide.

For comprehensive warranty information relating to this product please visit the manufacturers website.


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