Oerre Easy 23 AR Axial Window/Wall Fan

Oerre Easy 15 A Axial Window/Wall Fan

Oerre Easy 23 AR Axial Window/Wall Fan

Original price was: $479.00.Current price is: $429.00.

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Original price was: $479.00.Current price is: $429.00.

Elevate your ventilation system with the Oerre Easy 23 AR Window/Wall Fan, delivering powerful airflow of up to 660m³/hr. Meticulously crafted with premium Italian manufacturing, the Oerre Easy 23 AR seamlessly combines durability and innovation, offering unparalleled airflow solutions for your space. Tailored for expansive environments like factories, warehouses, and gymnasiums, this fan provides reversible airflow options for maximum flexibility. Engineered with slip-resistant gaskets and a long-life ball-bearing motor, it ensures consistent performance with minimal noise and vibrations. Its IPX4 protection renders it suitable for damp areas, while its sleek design and effortless installation on glass or walls make it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial spaces striving for superior air circulation and quality.


Easy Features Overview

Discover the Oerre Easy Axial Fan range, crafted to address a myriad of ventilation demands across residential, commercial, and industrial landscapes. Engineered with enduring performance in mind, the fan boasts a reliable ball bearing motors ensuring prolonged durability and consistent airflow over time. It also has robust zinc-plated steel frames and resilient motor supports for unmatched strength and stability. Installation is facilitated by integrated mounting brackets, with adaptable cord-mounting options via provided bracket holes.


  • Exceptional airflow performance.
  • Impeccable construction from high-quality materials.
  • IP54 protected electrical boxes.
  • IPX4-rated protection against environmental elements.
  • Compliance with stringent EN 60335-2-80 standards.
  • Simplified installation and maintenance processes.
  • Italian craftsmanship that guarantees premium quality and performance standards.

The maximum temperature of transferred air is to not exceed 45°.

With a keen focus on user convenience, Oerre Easy fans present a streamlined installation process that negates the requirement for outdoor labor, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. The accompanying video details the components of the axial fan. Observe the back grille effortlessly folding and sliding into the cut-out, securely affixed to the wall/window using its built-in blocking system. This enables complete fan assembly from indoors—an especially beneficial trait for customers in apartments or confined areas.

Additional information




Requires Hardwiring (electrician required)


OERRE: The manufacturer offers a 2 year replacement warranty. Conditions Apply. Contact your store of purchase for warranty issues.

Motor Type


Manufacturers Part Number


Hole Size

254mm – 262mm

Installation Location

Wall or Window

BarCode Number : 8009278110581

All data is provided the manufacturer. Capacity figures are based on the extraction rate of the unit in 'freeflow'. This means without any ducting, vents or other components. As you add ducting to a fan it will impact the extraction rate as this introduces resistance. For this reason if you are ducting an extraction fan it is best to keen the run as short, tight and direct as possible. For more information please view our exhaust fan buying guide.

For comprehensive warranty information relating to this product please visit the manufacturers website.


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