How to Clean a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Step by step guide on how to keep your fan in great condition

how to clean a bathroom exhaust fan

A bathroom exhaust fans purpose is to extract air effectively eliminating steam, odour and moisture. It is important and often overlooked that a bathroom exhaust fan is to be regularly cleaned to remain operational and have the motor running competently. If not and left unattended for long periods of time, there can be a build-up of mould, dust and dirt created within the ceilings and walls of your property. A simple and efficient clean can extend the life of a bathroom exhaust fan for many years to come and reduce unwanted noise levels. Let’s take a look at the process involved in cleaning a bathroom exhaust fan.

Disclaimer: This guide is a general guide and is suitable for the vast majority of ceiling and wall mounted extraction fans. It is however a general guide and may not be applicable to all models.

Step 1 Ensure the fan is switched off.

Step 2 Unclip the cover off the exhaust fan. The process of removing the cover will vary from model to model. If it’s a ceiling mounted fan you may require a step ladder – it’s crucial to wear gloves when removing a bathroom exhaust fan for hygienic purposes (especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in months).

Step 3 Use a microfiber cloth to remove unwanted dirt and other built up particles from the cover.

Step 4 If Step 3 doesn’t work try mixing detergent and warm water together in the bathroom or laundry sink – allowing the cover to soak for 10 to 20 minutes of time (all unwanted particles will now be removed).

Step 5 With the cover removed and motor exposed if there is a visible build-up of dust it is advisable to give this a clean. This will vary from model to model, some models will have visible blades, others may have the blades inside a housing that is not accessible without disassembling the unit.

Step 6 Use a dry cloth to wipe down the clogged dirt, dust and other particles from in and around the fans blades and motor housing.

Refrain from using water or other liquids as any contact with the motor or electrical components of the fan will cause immediate damage.

Step 7 Clip or screw the cover back onto the exhaust fan placing the unit back in its original state.

Now it’s time to enjoy a spotless bathroom exhaust fan. As a rule of thumb, ensure to clean a bathroom exhaust fan between every three to six months – this will prevent unwanted odours and increase the chances of the bathroom exhaust fan operating to its full potential.

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