Fans for Gyms and Other Semi-Commercial Spaces

Own a gym or another type of semi-commercial space and interested in finding suitable cooling fans? They are a great way to save due to their energy efficiency whilst providing a cooler and safer atmosphere in the summer months.

We have a range of wall or ceiling fans that you may wish to take a look at.

If you pefer a ceiling fan then we’ve found that a large blade span with an industrial style are quite popular. A few models that will help you get started in your search:

The Hercules is the highest air mover within our ceiling fan range reaching a maximum of 24,384 m3/hr with a minimal power usage of 35 Watts. However, you may even find that on some days the airflow produced on the lowest speed will suffice. The Hercules will move 8,765 m3/hr; that is the equivalent of the maximum airflow for some standard 52” fans! And the best part is; on this lowest setting it only uses 4W!!

The 84″ Odyn is the second highest air mover in our range of ceiling fans. This particular model features HVLS technology which stands for high volume, low speed. This fan is ideal for covering a wider area and sweeping massive volumes of air in larger spaces. It reaches a powerful 19,010 m4/hr on the highest speed whilst remaining extremely energy efficient with its 35W, durable DC motor.

DC Gym Fan Semi

The above fans both have DC motors meaning they only come with a remote control option.

Don’t forget that it’s not always necessary to have one large fan cover a wider space. After all, you may prefer to have several small ones strategically placed throughout the area you need to cover. 

If you’re looking at this possibility here are a few industrial styled options for you to consider:

The Aluma by Brilliant has a unique, industrial style not often seen in a 52″ design. With a satin nickel finish, energy efficient DC motor and maximum airflow of 9,460 m3/hr this model would be a great addition to rustic styled cafes. 

The Concorde 2 has a more modern aesthetic however, contrasted with the cage detail around the motor would make it a suitable addition to an industrial styled space. It has a high airflow of 11,572 m3/hr while only using a maximum of 30W.

Alternatively, especially in the case of high ceilings a wall fan may be an option worth considering.

The bestseller for gyms and similar applications are our Fanco semi-commercial wall fans available in either a 20” or 18″. They are powerful in operation with three speed options and are generally operated via pull cord or from the dial of the motor body. If these fans are intended to be installed higher up out of reach then consider purchasing the Mains Power Point and Remote pack as an accessory.

The other favoured option is Fanco’s new DC motor wall fan, the first in the Australian market and within our range. It is not only more energy efficient using 43W and allowing greater control over the speed with 6 levels but is also much quieter in operation. This model also comes with a wired digital controller with a cord length of 60 cm.

Need assistance in choosing which option is right for your space? Give our expert sales team a call on 03 9017 0366. They will be more than happy to help!