Fanco Mixflow SM Silent Inline Fan 200mm with lead & plug

Fanco Mixflow SM Silent Inline Fan 200mm with lead & plug

Fanco Mixflow SM Silent Inline Fan 200mm with lead & plug


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The Fanco SM Silent 200 (EXHGHDS200) is designed to move strong amounts of air at a quieter noise level than other inline models at a similar airflow range. This model is automatically wired to the high extraction rate of 840 m3/hr. There is a lower setting which has an extraction rate of 690 m3/hr which can be achieved by wiring the fan to the low speed terminal (electrician required). The SM Silent 200 comes hardwired with a lead and plug for a quick and easy DIY installation.

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Mixflow SM Silent Features Overview:

Capacity 840 m3/hr 690 m3/hr
Wattage 128w 123w
Ductable Yes – 200mm diameter
The Fanco SM Silent range is a high quality range of mixflow inline fans. Typically these fans are used for exhaust applications. If you wish to switch from the high speed to the low speed you will need to wire the fan to the low speed terminal (electrician required).

SM Silent Inline Fan Features:

  • This model operates at a comparatively quieter level against a similar capacity mixflow inline fan.
  • The unit is wrapped in sound absorbing insulation which is contained within the black plastic housing.
  • Central motor can be easily removed from mounting bracket
*The New SM Series range has not yet been formally tested for noise levels. This fan is available for DIY Installation (includes lead & plug) Model Notice: A max temperature of transferred air 60°. This inline fan is designed for indoor applications with the ambient temperature ranging from +1°C up to 40° C & relative humidity up to 80%..

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Includes Lead & Plug


Fanco: The manafacturer offers a 1 year replacement warranty (conditions apply)

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All data is provided the manufacturer. Capacity figures are based on the extraction rate of the unit in 'freeflow'. This means without any ducting, vents or other components. As you add ducting to a fan it will impact the extraction rate as this introduces resistance. For this reason if you are ducting an extraction fan it is best to keen the run as short, tight and direct as possible. For more information please view our exhaust fan buying guide.

For comprehensive warranty information relating to this product please visit the manufacturers website.


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