Edmonds Airomatic Roof Ventilator – Night Sky (Black)

Edmonds Airomatic Roof Ventilator – Colonial Red

Edmonds Airomatic Roof Ventilator – Night Sky (Black)

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Original price was: $539.00.Current price is: $489.00.

The Edmonds Airomatic Roof Ventilator is a sophisticated powered roof top ventilator, developed to meet the cooling and drying needs of residential homes. Designed for removal of heat trapped in the roof cavity of a home in summer and removal of moisture trapped in the roof cavity of a home in winter.


Edmonds Airomatic Roof Fan Features Overview:

Installation Roof
Extraction Rate 647 m3/hr
Noise 53 dB(A)
Motor Wattage 30w
Ductable No
The Edmonds Airomatic is the first of Edmonds range of ventilators developed using advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, as used in the aerospace industry. This software has allowed Edmonds to produce a ventilator with a higher flow rate and efficiency than other ventilators while reducing its overall noise level and physical size. The unique Edmonds design speed controller allows the selection of three fixed speeds, allowing just the right amount of flow to be set to suit the severity of the conditions without increasing power consumption. It can be mounted to any rake between 3 and 35 degrees. 1.Low Speed: 291 m3/hr | 4 watts | 35.4 dB(A) 2.Medium Speed: 434 m3/hr | 12 watts | 45.1 dB(A) 3.High Speed: 647 m3/hr | 30 watts | 52.9 dB(A)

Additional information

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Includes Lead & Plug


The Manufacturer offers a 2 year replacement warranty (conditions apply)

Manufacturers Part Number


BarCode Number : 9319158511810

All data is provided the manufacturer. Capacity figures are based on the extraction rate of the unit in 'freeflow'. This means without any ducting, vents or other components. As you add ducting to a fan it will impact the extraction rate as this introduces resistance. For this reason if you are ducting an extraction fan it is best to keen the run as short, tight and direct as possible. For more information please view our exhaust fan buying guide.

For comprehensive warranty information relating to this product please visit the manufacturers website.


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