To Light Or Not To Light?

Combining a Ceiling Fan and a light can be a very practical way to minimise clutter on the ceiling, and is also useful when you need both in the room and can’t add any extra wiring.

The majority of ceiling fans available today have some sort of light option. Some have an integrated light, which is a light that is already built in, and others are light adaptable, which means you can choose from a range of lights to add to the fan.

Integrated lights are often unobtrusive as they are usually just a round glass dome at the bottom of the motor, continuing with the same line as the motor. This option is great for those who want a neat, minimalist look, to draw less attention to the unit.

Ceiling fans that are light adaptable offer more choice in style. Simple dome lights are available, but you can also create a feature of your fan and light unit by choosing a modern spotlight, or an elegant traditional shade style light, or a tropical bowl light, some of which have beautiful patterns on the glass. Please note that your choice will be limited to those which are compatible with the fan, which are usually only those made by the same manufacturer as the fan. So if the light is the more important part of your choice, you may want to start there rather than with the fan!

Most fans lights today also offer energy saving globe options, and some give you a choice of globe fittings so you can choose which suits you best. Please see individual listings for full details.

Ceiling fans and their lights are able to be controlled separately, whether you are using a pull cord, wall control or remote system. They will only be wired to function together if you request this from your electrician. If you have an existing light you want to replace with a fan and light unit, and can’t install any extra wiring, you can simply purchase a remote control and the remote will be able to control each unit separately with the one set of wiring.

If there is a particular style, or light you need, remember that you can email or call our knowledgeable staff and we can point you in the right direction.

Our website also includes a useful category of ceiling fans with light.