Brilliant Air Protector 4 in 1 Heater, Cooler, UV Light Steriliser & HEPA Filter

Brilliant Air Protector 3 in 1 Heater, Cooler & UV Light Steriliser

Brilliant Air Protector 4 in 1 Heater, Cooler, UV Light Steriliser & HEPA Filter

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Original price was: $629.00.Current price is: $549.00.

The Brilliant Air Protector 4 in 1 tower fan has integrated heating, cooling, air purification, and sterilisation features. Its HEPA filter eliminates airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns to provide clean and safe air, while its UVC light sterilisation technology ensures reduced germ loads and improved air quality. With 4 heat settings and an oscillating fan, the heating function conveniently distributes warmth evenly throughout the room. And for cool relief, the unit delivers 9 fan speed options with a powerful and ultra-quiet 30W DC motor, including a Turbo boost function.

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SKU 22048/06
Installation DIY Lead & Plug
Heat Wattage 1800W
Motor Wattage 25W
Control Remote
Construction IP20 rated (Indoor only)

Brilliant Air Protector 4 in 1 Features

The Air Protector is engineered with a bladeless construction and a highly efficient DC motor to deliver effective climate control experience. It boasts an 80-degree oscillation range, a touch panel control, and a versatile multi-function remote control. Moreover, the device’s safety features such as Overheat and Tip-over protection ensure that the heater will shut off automatically in case of prolonged use or accidental tipping over.

Air Purifier

With a fully-sealed UVC sterilisation light and H13 HEPA filter system, the Air Protector purifying tower fan brings powerful air circulation while also keeping the room’s atmosphere fresh and free of pollutants and ultrafine particles including viruses, bacteria, pollen and pet dander, right down to 0.3 microns*.


Offers four heat settings, equipped with an oscillating fan that facilitates an even distribution of warm air throughout the entire room.


You can choose 9 cooling fan speeds, providing optimal temperature control, plus a Turbo boost function powered by a 30W DC motor.


UVC light has been extensively researched and established as an effective sterilisation solution that consistently diminishes the presence of pathogens and promotes optimal air hygiene.

Thermostat Control

Set your desired heating temperature from 1-30 degrees and the thermostat will automatically operate to maintain to your room temperature.

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