BAL40 Bushfire Compliant Brick Vent 150mm – Aluminium

BAL40 Bushfire Compliant Brick Vent 150mm - Aluminium

BAL40 Bushfire Compliant Brick Vent 150mm – Aluminium

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Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $65.00.

Introducing a revolutionary ventilation system that boasts aesthetic appeal, hassle-free installation, and adherence to essential bushfire compliance standards. This cutting-edge product functions as a seamless replacement for a standard brick (measuring 76mm in height, 230mm in width, and 110mm in depth). The vent is constructed with a durable aluminium face, supported by a galvanised steel frame and an ABS adapter, able to connect seamlessly to 150mm flexible ducting. Its fire-resistant properties comply with the prescribed fire rating requirement of up to BAL-40 in accordance with AS3959-2009.

DISCLAIMER: The product comes with an aluminium mesh, placed to protect against insects and rodents.

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Installation Instructions

1. Locate a clear space on the wall that is unobstructed by any plumbing, electrical wiring, or other barriers.
2. Use the dimensions of a galvanized steel box to determine the dimensions of the cut-out (also printed on packaging), or replacing a single or double brick space, keeping the opening as small as possible to assist in securing the box.
3. Ensure that the wall is cut using the precise cutting technique that matches the material (brick, weatherboard or sheeting materials) intended for installation of the vent.
4. Insert the adaptor first into the opening.
5. Secure the louvre plate to the wall using a silicone based adhesive that can additionally seal around the outside of the face to prevent water penetration.

Note: if ducting is not required, the rivets can be drilled out and the steel adaptor box may be removed and discarded.

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