Premium Roof Cowl Kit – Metal or Tiled 200mm

Premium Roof Cowl Kit - Metal or Tiled 200mm

Premium Roof Cowl Kit – Metal or Tiled 200mm

Original price was: $279.00.Current price is: $239.00.

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Original price was: $279.00.Current price is: $239.00.

This premium cowl kit unlike others can be used for tile and metal roof installations. Included in the kit is a 60cm long flue (30 gauge galvanised steel), a cowl, mounting tie, and a new premium Rapid Flash base. The black Dektite is made out of EDPM rubber ideal for flashing flues and chimneys,with a polymer rubber base reinforced with alumium. At 850mm x 560mm the lead-free adhesive base can be used for metal and tile roofs.

Installation requires half the time with a class-leading base finish that will be aesthetically pleasing to all roofing materials.

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The dektite is suitable for pipe penetration from 175mm to 330mm.

About the Cowl:
The unique design of these cowls provides efficient air exhaust expulsion that, unlike regular open type roof cowls, offers superior protection from rain, rodents and back drafts. The mushroom cowl is aluminium. Note the colour differs from the image shown, most items are silver.

The cowl slips over the roof pipe to prevent rain water running down the inside of the pipe.

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