Fanco Premium Quiet DC Motor Domestic Wall Fan 16″**PACK OF 2

Fanco Premium Quiet DC Motor Domestic Wall Fan 16″**PACK OF 2

Fanco Premium Quiet DC Motor Domestic Wall Fan 16″**PACK OF 2

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The Fanco DC Motor Domestic fan is a strong airflow wall fan with eight selectable speeds via wired digital controller. This fan features an energy efficient DC motor that uses only 43W on the highest speed setting in stark contrast to comparable AC wall fans that consume 100W+ on the highest setting. The fan has low noise aerodynamic ABS plastic blades and is designed for use within domestic environments. Comes with a lead and plug cord and is easy to install due to its easy-install wall bracket. The wall bracket is independent of the rest of the fan so once the bracket is installed, the unit can slide into the wall bracket, making installation a breeze and  easily performable by one person. 

Regular Price $558.00 Special Price $349.00

Key Features:

Install Location: Indoor
Blade Material: ABS Plastic
Cage Diameter: 450mm
Motor Type: Energy Saving DC Motor
Operation: Wired Digital Controller

Other Details:

  • Offers 8 speeds of performance via the wired controller
  • Great for use in your home with oscillation functionality controlled via wired controller
  • Easy to reach control even when installed up high
  • Easy to direct airflow as the verticle tilt angle is easily adjustable
  • Comes with lead and plug for easy DIY installation
  • Features easy-install wall bracket that is independent from the rest of the fan.

Performance Data:

1 5W 0.05A 530 RPM 1200 m3/hr
2 10W 0.09A 870 RPM 1800 m3/hr
3 16W 0.14A 990 RPM 2100 m3/hr
4 21W 0.23A 1050 RPM 2400 m3/hr
5 28W 0.32A 1130 RPM 2700 m3/hr
6 34W 0.38A 1200 RPM 3000 m3/hr
7 38W 0.39A 1300 RPM 3600 m3/hr
8 43W 0.40A 1350 RPM 3900 m3/hr

Performance Summary:

  • Energy efficient motor consumes only 5w on low speed and 43w on max speed
  • One of the few wall fans on the market to utilize modern DC motor technology
  • Digital display on the controller shows the fans current speed setting
More Information
Application Type Domestic
Size 16" (40cm)
Colour White
Material Plastic
Manufacturer Fanco
Warranty The Manufacturer offers a 1 year replacement warranty
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