Insulated Ducting R0.6 200mm (6m length)

Insulated Ducting R0.6 150mm (6m length)

Insulated Ducting R0.6 200mm (6m length)


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R.06 Insulated Ducting 200mm (6m length)

Overall diameter (including insulation): 250mm (approx)

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A 6m length of Insulated Ducting which can be cut down to the required length. Insulated ducting will help maintain the temperature of air across a duct run, for this reason its perfect for any heat transfer applications. This insulated ducting is R06 rated which we have found to be more than sufficient for air transfer application.

For best airflow it is recommended to keep the ducting as short and straight as possible. Try avoiding sharp twists and turns in the duct where possible and avoid squashing the duct.

Choose the duct size to suit the exhaust fan for best airflow.

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