Inline Kit 7: Large Toilet / Bathroom Kit with TT Silent 150mm with 2 Intakes

Inline Kit 7: Large Toilet / Bathroom Kit with TT Silent 150mm with 2 Intakes

Inline Kit 7: Large Toilet / Bathroom Kit with TT Silent 150mm with 2 Intakes


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The Kit 7: Large Toilet / Bathroom Kit is a powerful inline kit with a 150mm mixflow inline fan. The kit is designed to exhaust large sized rooms and would be ideal for a toilet or bathroom. The fan included in this kit has been designed to operate very quietly. This kit provides two intake vents. This kit is made for DIY installation. It contains a fan with a lead and plug. However, if you are purchasing additional accessories, please check to see if they require installation by an electrician.

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Inline Kit Features Overview:

Installation Typically in Ceiling Cavity
Extraction Rate 555 m3/hr
Noise 33 dB(A)
Motor Wattage 63w
Ducting 6m of 150mm flexible duct

The inline kit by Fanco comes complete with everything you need for installation and includes an inline fan which is usually placed in the roof space, a vent for the ceiling of the room, a vent for the outside wall or eave and flexible duct to join it all together. It also includes a back draft shutter to stop warm air escaping or cold air coming into the house.

To view detailed specifications relating to the inline fan included in this kit – Inline Fan Specification

Inline Kit includes:

  • 1x TT Silent Mixflow 150 In Line Fan
  • Lead and Plug. Fan comes with lead and plug connected to high speed. If purchasing additional speed controller, the fan will need to be disconnected from the lead & plug and hard wired
  • 2 x Internal Round Cone Diffuser 150mm Click here for vent information
  • 1 x External Vent 100-150mm
  • 1 x Back draft shutter 150mm
  • 1x BTO 150mm x 150mm x 150mm
  • 1 x 6m Flexible Duct 150mm
  • 1 x Duct tape

The fan in this kit comes with a lead and plug attached. Therefore it will simply plug into a standard powerpoint. No electrician is required, unless you are using this kit in conjunction with a wall switch.

This model has 2 separate room intakes available and so allows for either the installation of both intakes in one large room, or for separate intakes in adjoining rooms.

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Includes Lead & Plug, Accessories May Require Hardwiring


The Manufacturer offers a 2 year replacement warranty (conditions apply)

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