VCN External inline Fans

The VCN range of centrifugal fans are externally wall mounted fans that can be connected to ducting. The fan is available in three sizes, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm. View each product below:

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exhaust fan calculatorHow do I calculate which exhaust fan I need?

Fan suitability is usually determined by your room size and application. Generally we recommend aiming to achieve 15 air changes per hour for a bathroom, maybe 10 for a toilet. This is easily calculated, simply work out the size of your room in m3 (length x width x height in meters). You can then multiply this figure by 15 to give you an approximate capacity rating required for the fan. For your convenience all fans are measured in m3/hr. Please note 15 is our general recommendation, rooms prone to condensation may require 20-30 air changes.