Electronic Zoning Kit for 2 Rooms - 150mm Dampers

Electronic Zoning Kit for 2 Rooms - 150mm Dampers

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Electronic Zoning Kit for 2 Rooms - 150mm Dampers

The Electronic Zoning Kit is suitable for 2 rooms to be used in relation with the heat transfer applications.

Electronic Zoning Kit Features

  • A 2 Zone Wall Control Mechanism
  • 2 x 150mm Zone Dampers
  • 2 x 1500mm Zone Damper Motors
  • 3 x Wiring Cables (2 of the cables are from the dampers to module and 1 will be connected to the wall control).

Installation Requirements

The Zoning system is designed for a simple installation process. The touch panel should be in the central position either flush mounted to the wall or mounted on a mounting block of 15mm in size. It is necessary that the touch panel be at least a distance of 250mm away from 240VAC cabling.

Zone labels are included with this kit and it is recommended to give each zone a specific name (as shown in the additional tab).

The touch panel will connect to a relay module. Which will need to be mounted in the roof space provided it is next to a vacant power point. Cabling needs to run from the touch panel to the relay module having the relay module connected to the necessary power point.

Zone dampers will connect to the relay module. This zoning kit comes with a sill which is automatic a feature keeping at least one zone constantly open.

More Information
Application Domestic
Installation Location Roof
Capacity (m3/hr) TBC
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