Large Ceiling Fans

Our range of large ceiling fans is an impressive collection of fans with a larger than normal blade diameter. A fan with a greater diameter than 60" (152cm) we classify as a large ceiling fan. Our range extends up to a 95" (241cm) and everything in between. With a larger diameter these big fans can cover a larger area, also the large size means the fan can become more of a focal point in your living space. We have many fans ranging from functional high volume air movers all the way up to large 95" diameter decorative fans.

Guide To Big Fans

A large fan is often needed to balance out a large space aesthetically and provide suitable air movement. Depending on how much airflow you require, you can look to a more functional high volume air mover or a more decorative large fan. Large ceiling fans are often used in restaurants to add to the style of the room while providing much needed air movement. Big indoor and outdoor areas such as large living rooms and alfresco dining areas also often warrant a large fan to be able to cover the larger space.

large ceiling fans

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The Bigger The Fan The More Powerful?

A large blade diameter is not always consistent with a greater airflow. It can be a common misconception that the larger you go the more powerful your airflow will be, however this is not always the case. There are several factors that influence a fan's air movement - only one of which is its size. Motor capacity, blade design, materials, the room the fan is installed in are also contributing factors. While there are very large ceiling fans in our collection that do provide superior airflow, check out our High Airflow Ceiling Fans section for the best guide. A big part of our Large Ceiling Fan collection is made up of eye-catching decorative fans, designed to make a statement and draw your attention. So browse our range below and see individual product pages for specific information.