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How did we pick these fans?

Each ceiling fan category includes many options. Choosing a single fan out of such a diverse range is daunting for a lot of our customers. Each month, Fansonline sales staff field hundreds of enquiries from people who want to know: which ceiling fan is the best? It’s a hard question to answer – there are ceiling fans that suit different rooms, budgets and fans with lights and without lights. It really depends on what you need.

It's hard to choose which fan is the "best" overall, because different fans suit different purposes. In a race for the best overall fan, a small fan might miss out because it has slightly lower than average airflow – even though that’s exactly what you might want from a smaller fan.

That's why we've divided our awards into categories, including bedroom, outdoor and different sizes. We’ve tailored our recommendations in each category based on the feedback we’ve received from customers over years in the ceiling fan business. Hopefully you will find our top picks are a good starting point as you begin your search for a new ceiling fan for summer. If you have any questions about our top picks please feel free to contact us.