Best SMART Fans 2022

The top 10 Best Smart fans released in the last 12 months

 Smart ceiling fans mark the most recent innovation in ceiling fan technology. This development has benefits for everyone. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast who can’t wait to automate your cooling, or you just like the idea of using your phone as an extra remote, a SMART fan is a modern solution. We’ve seen an excellent range of SMART fans enter the market this year, but these are the ones that really stood out to our team.

1. Infinity ID DC Ceiling Fan

“I love the slim lines and the delicately curved blades. It looks amazing!”

Maintaining the slimline blades and minimalist style which made its predecessor so popular, Fanco’s Infinity ID Ceiling fan is a true reinvention of an extremely popular design. Now available with a SMART remote, this fan addresses some of the most common requests we have from customers. The model with remote can also be used in conjunction with Google and Amazon SMART devices. The models with light (only operable by remote) finish out this incredible range with the innovation of user-replaceable LED panels, which have both CCT and dimming functionality.

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2. Eco Silent Deluxe DC Ceiling Fan

“ It creates plenty of airflow, it’s very quiet and it looks great!”

The Eco Silent Deluxe gives you all 21st century features in a classic four blade style. It’s powered by a DC motor and is available with a remote handset with in-built SMART functionality. Customers choosing the remote option can also operate the fan using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This excellent range includes a light option featuring Fanco’s user-replaceable LED panel with CCT and dimming functions.

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3. Horizon DC Ceiling Fan

“Really impressive air movement, it’s just great”

Performance, style and convenience come packaged together in the Horizon 2.0 DC Ceiling fan. While both the 52-inch and 64-inch sizes are classified as high airflow, the larger size moves 19,010 m3/hr, a very impressive figure. Both sizes are available with a SMART compatible remote control, which works with Google and Alexa home automation systems. It’s available in three colours to suit modern interiors and outdoor furnishings.

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4. Skyfan Ceiling Fan

“A modern and subtle design, it looks perfect!”

To enable SMART functionality on your new Skyfan, you’ll also need to purchase the Skyfan DC app control module. Once your installing electrician inserts the module into the fan’s receiver, you will be able to connect it to your SMART device using the Tuya app. The Skyfan range includes four sizes, but for living rooms, we’d suggest either installing either the 52 or the 60-inch version. These models circulate an impressive amount of air, while providing coverage to a mid to large size area. The model with LED light barely differs in shape from the model without, achieving design uniformity throughout the range.

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5. Bahama Ceiling Fan With Light

“I’m so impressed by the technology these days”

The Bahama range with LED light comes with inbuilt SMART functionality. It connects to your device via the BrilliantSmart app so it’s an excellent choice for customers who have already connected to Brilliant’s smart home lighting choices. This modern design will look amazing whether installed in your bedroom, living room or out on the patio. As well as a highly functional fan, the Bahama’s LED light has excellent features including  CCT and dimming. 

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