Best 10 New Ceiling Fans

Updated for 2022 Season

The top 10 Best New ceiling fans released in the last 12 months – Updated for April 2022

 Finding the best new ceiling fans never gets easier. Every Summer brings an exciting new range of ceiling fans, and this year is no exception. To compile this list, we considered innovation, value and in some cases, the level of anticipation for the fan’s arrival. Of course, we also had to think about functionality and performance too. We had to make some tough decisions, but at the end of the day, these 5 really stood out.

1. Sanctuary

“Stunning large fan with solid timber blades that can be installed outdoors!”

The Sanctuary ceiling fan is the perfect fan for a large living space or outdoor entertaining area! The beauty of this fan is the fact that it is so large and comes with high quality solid timber blades, not usually an option for a fan this sort of size (more commonly they would have either ABS or metal blades). Secondly we love the fact that the blades have had a waterproof sealer applied, making the fan suitable for either outdoor or coastal areas. Thirdly there are an impressive five colour options to choose from and two sizes. The white with natural blades is a particular favourite!

What’s Great About This Fan?

Wonderfully unique new addition – large fan with solid timber blades

Timber fans are trending – we love the range of colours available

Aesthetic blade curvature not commonly associated with timber blades

Energy efficient DC motor and includes remote control

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2. Eco Silent Deluxe DC Ceiling Fan

“Everything I was hoping for!”

Engineered to build on its predecessor’s success, the Eco Silent Deluxe marks an excellent innovation. Available in 52 or 56 inches, this fan can either be operated by a DC wall control or a smart enabled remote which communicates seamlessly with Google and Amazon home automation systems via the Tuya app. The LED light includes CCT and dimming functionality, allowing you more flexibility to use this fan in bedrooms, living areas and even outdoor spaces.

What’s Great About This Fan?

One of the most popular models over the last 5 years is back with an impressive upgrade

CHOICE recommended

Choice of remote/SMART or wall control

One of the best LED lights on the market today – dimmable, CCT and user replaceable

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3. Pinnacle

“These are really good at keeping us cool, I’m very happy!”

Hunter Pacific’s offering of wall-controlled DC ceiling fans expands with the Pinnacle fan range. Both a wall control and a remote control come in the box with the Pinnacle and users will love the ability to use the two controllers in conjunction with each other. The Pinnacle is a modern take on the classic four blade design and it’s capable of achieving sufficient airflow to cool you down on hot days. The light option in this range features a dimmable CCT LED light, which can be adjusted to suit your changing needs throughout the day.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Exciting new addition from one of the top brands

Includes DC Wall control as well as remote control and both can be used at once

Modern design with energy efficient DC motor

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4. Eco Style

“These look beautiful in our lounge and in our bedrooms!”
best ceiling fan with light

A functional and attractive air mover, the Eco Style fan comes in a great range of colour combinations to complement modern interiors. It comes with an easy-to-use remote-control handset, which allows you to choose from six speeds and has a timer function. This simple three-blade design will make a subtle but decorative addition to the heart of your home. The range also features models with dimmable CCT LED lights, which offer excellent value.

What’s Great About This Fan?

An exciting new entry – highly affordable price point considering the features

Very popular Scandinavian style design with lightweight ABS plastic blades

Some great colour combinations including Beechwood & Koa

Available with or without LED light

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5. Amari

“It’s great to find a fan in different sizes for different parts of the home!”

The Amari DC ceiling fan is available in either a 52 or 56 inch size, both of which create a lot of airflow on top speed. This range allows you the choice between either a four or five blade design and includes highly functional light options too. Choose between either black or white to suit your home.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Impressive range of speeds powered by an energy efficient DC motor

5 blade design with some new colours added

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6. Studio DC

“The feature packed low profile DC fan with Smart Technology”

Introducing the highly anticipated Fanco Studio Low Profile. This fan really is the complete package! Available in a 48″ overall diameter size with or without light the fan is sized perfectly for a bedroom, and the 210mm ceiling to blade drop make the fan well suited to rooms with slightly lower than average ceilings, or if you want to achieve the popular ‘hugger’ look. The fan is available to buy with a remote control that also comes SMART enabled, meaning that you can control the fan from the convenience of your smartphone. Also available is a hardwired wall control model (without light only). If you opt for the fan with light you will receive an energy efficient LED light that offers CCT technology as well as being dimmable CCT LED lights, which offer excellent value.

What’s Great About This Fan?

CHOICE Recommended

Class leading CCT dimmable LED light – which is also user replaceable

Popular and functional low profile design

Remote control is also SMART ready – the perfect bedroom fan!

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7. Horizon 2.0

“Outstanding airflow, and a great size”

Available in two sizes, including an expansive 64-inch diameter, the Horizon ceiling fan moves enough air to take the edge of the heat no matter where you are. The larger size achieves an airflow of over 19,000 m3/hr on its top speed, which is particularly impressive, but the 52-inch model is also an excellent high airflow option for more smaller areas. This model benefits from Fanco’s recent innovations, and is available with either a hardwired wall control or with a remote which includes smart functionality.

What’s Great About This Fan?

CHOICE Recommended

Impressive high airflow

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8. Breeze AC

“The perfect finishing touch to our deck”

A low cost outdoor and coastal rated fan with a modern design, the Breeze AC fan from Fanco is sure to be a big hit this summer. Available in three stunning colour finishes, this three-speed fan is simple to use, and will be much appreciated wherever you choose to install it in the home. Choosing the model with an integrated LED light will empower you to further enhance your comfort by setting the light temperature to warm white, natural white or cool white.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Wonderfully affordable new addition from Fanco

Reliable AC motor

Popular design

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9.Aqua DC

“ The IP rating gave me a lot more confidence to install the fan outside, and it looks nice in my living room too.”

The Aqua DC ceiling fan breaks new ground with its IP66 rating. This makes it the most water-resistant fan on the market. In addition to the assurance of such a strong IP rating, the Aqua DC uses minimal energy to create a nice strong airflow. This fan only needs 19 watts at top speed, which produces an airflow of 14,286 m3/hr. It also has a timer setting which switches the fan off after 1, 2, or 4 hours. As a bonus this fan models an attractive design which will suit either indoor or outdoor décor.white or cool white.

What’s Great About This Fan?

IP66 Rated – the premium outdoor choice

Available with or without light and in black or white

Two size options available

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10. Infinity ID

“I got the remote package, and I’m so impressed with the extra features”

The Infinity ID DC ceiling fan range incorporates new possibilities into a leading design. New technology allows this sleek and sophisticated Scandinavian style fan to be operated by either a six-speed hardwired wall control, or by a remote handset with smart capability. The light options in this range also pioneer new technology, featuring user replaceable LED panels which have both CCT and dimming functionality. Customers choosing the remote package can also have the ability to integrate the fan into their SMART home system using Google or Amazon devices. 

What’s Great About This Fan?

Architectural style

CHOICE Recommended

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