The best material for an outdoor fan to avoid rust

When looking for an outdoor fan to avoid rust the suitable material will vary based on your installation location. Fans specifically manufactured to withstand the relevant elements which cause rust will generally have plastic or metal blades. However, there are a few considerations below which will assist you in choosing the ideal fan to avoid or prolong any signs of rusting for as long as possible.

Rust is caused by a range of environmental conditions, the most common for ceiling fans is exposure to the elements if installed outdoors. This can include splashes of rain, a high degree of moisture due to humidity and also as a result of the salty air in coastal locations. Therefore, the best material for an outdoor fan to avoid rust particularly on the blades will depend on the extent of this exposure.

rust free outdoor ceiling fans

Below are a few tips to select a suitable outdoor ceiling fan to avoid rust as much as possible.

  • If there is quite a high degree of moisture caused by humidity particularly in the summer months or the fan will not be fully covered and is at risk of being splashed occasionally when raining then perhaps consider a fan that is wet rated. This means the fan will have a certain degree of protection and will brave exposure to withstand these conditions better than your standard ceiling fan. Even though wet rated fans may not be completely immune to the elements, by following the care instructions provided they will last longer and won’t succumb and show signs of rusting early on. Generally, this range of fans will come with either plastic or metal blades as they aren’t as susceptible to these conditions as timber is particularly when exposed to moisture.
  • If the fan is being installed in an outdoor, coastal location and it is the salty air which is the main concern surrounding the possibility of the fan rusting then those fans that have a coastal rating which can be used outdoors are a great option. In terms of blade material plastic is the most common however if you prefer a metal blade fan keep an eye out for those with 316 Stainless Steel blades as these are typically ideal for both outdoor and coastal locations. As a starting point view our coastal category
  • If the fan will be installed in a location that is completely undercover and doesn’t have any of these three risk factors then our outdoor category is the best place to start. There are several options including a couple with sealed timber blades if preferred making them the select few timber blade fans that can be used in an outdoor, undercover location.