Top 10 – Best Large Fans in Australia For 2022

Featured large ceiling fan – The Three Sixty Kirra

Updated for 2022 Season

The top 10 Best Large ceiling fans released in the last 12 months

When Summer hits its peak, you’ll be glad you went for a bigger ceiling fan. A little extra coverage never hurt anyone, and a larger fan means that everyone can enjoy the cool breeze. Larger fans are especially good in living rooms or outdoor entertaining areas, where there might be a bit more activity than other parts of the home. That’s why 4 out of 5 fans we’ve selected for this page are suitable for outdoor use. When we picked this fans, we chose fans with a high airflow and modern designs.

1. Horizon

“Just superb, I think it looks fantastic!”

Stretching across 64 inches, the Horizon fans offers excellent coverage. In this size, it moves an extraordinary amount of air, ensuring very effective cooling for an open-plan space. This sleek design is both coastal and outdoor rated, so it’s perfect for spacious decks and patio areas, as long as you’re installing it undercover. With three modern colour finishes to choose from, the Horizon will suit most colour schemes and is also available with a light bright enough to light a large area too.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Large in size and also large in airflow – one of our best air movers

64″ diameter is a size really well suited to most large spaces

CHOICE Recommended

Modern design available in 3 colours & with or without light

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2. Sanctuary

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to find such an attractive fan for a coastal area”

This summer you’ll find refuge from the heat under the Sanctuary DC Ceiling fan. Unique in style among fans of a comparable size, the Sanctuary circulates a great deal of air with its three solid timber blades. Available with a blade span of either 70, 86 or 92 inches, and five stunning colour combinations, this fan will keep you cool in style this summer! The included remote control operates the fan’s 5 speeds and reverse function.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Large fan with a focus on aesthetics – beautiful solid timber blades

3 size options, 70″, 86″ or the XL 92″ option

Energy efficient DC motor & includes remote control

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3. Aqua 70″

“Absolutely stunned by the airflow – couldn’t ask for more!”

This year, Hunter Pacific expanded their IP66 Aqua DC fan range to cover a 70-inch area. With an IP rating this high, you can clean the fan with a hose. It will look fantastic on large patio areas, where its excellent airflow is sure to be appreciated on even the warmest of days. It comes with a remote control but is also compatible with Hunter Pacific’s DC wall control, a great option for holiday homes or homes with kids.

What’s Great About This Fan?

IP66 rating means that the fan is a superb choice for large outdoor areas

Impressive airflow and range of speeds

Get it with or without light in black or white

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4. Enviro

“We just had our first hot day for the summer and these really saved us”

The highly functional Enviro DC ceiling fan is available with a 60-inch diameter to offer superb coverage to the bigger spaces in your home. It can be installed either in outdoor undercover spaces or indoor living areas. It’s capable of over moving 16,000 m3/hr and gives you six speeds to choose from. It achieves this exceptional air movement using just 35 watts, so it’s very energy efficient.

What’s Great About This Fan?

CHOICE Recommended

Great airflow output on the highest speed

Modern design

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5. Skyfan

“Beautiful modern design. Pardon the pun, but I’m a fan”

The Skyfan is a very versatile products which has some very exciting accessories. There are two wall control accessories available (one for the model with light and one for the model without) as well as a USB SMART controller which allows you to operate the fan from your phone. The model with light has a very similar profile to the model without, and the two designs will match perfectly if they need to be installed in the same room.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Huge range in general – lots of colours & sizes to choose from

Good value DC fan, great airflow range and modern design

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6. Tourbillion

“It was hard to find a fan that was both big enough and nice enough. But this is beautiful”

The Tourbillion fan offers an impressive combination of size and performance. DC motors aren’t hampered by the weight of extra-long blades, enabling the 80” Tourbillon to create an airflow of 17,500m3/hr using just 58 watts. Both sizes have 5 speed options, allowing you to tailor the airflow to your level of comfort. The larger size’s speeds vary between medium and high airflow, while the 60” offers more variation within the mid-level range room.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Available in either 60″ or 80″ overall diameter

Black, white or graphite with an industrial look & feel

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7. Hercules

“You can tell how much air it moves even just by looking at it”

Even in its “smallest size” a Hercules ceiling fan has a blade span of 82 inches. If that’s not quite enough for you though, this expansive range is available in designs measuring right up to 120 inches. Each of these sizes will create a strong enough breeze to fight off the summer heat. In winter, using the reverse function on a fan of this size will circulate heated air more effectively, to help reduce your heating costs. This range gives you a choice of blade material and colours, and all varieties have a compatible light kit available as an accessory.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Available in XXL 120″ overall diameter size – for exceptionally large areas!

Industrial look and feel

Reasonable price point given size

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8. Tropicana

“It’s just stunning, I love the shape of the blades”

For a decorative and expansive design, choose a Tropicana fan with either leaf-shaped or long blades. Both styles move a substantial amount of air, meaning that they are a great way to stay cool over summer. These beautiful designs make a strong impact in either indoor or outdoor areas and provide excellent coverage. These AC ceiling fans are operated by wall control but can be adapted to include a remote if that’s your preference.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Our top tropical choice when it comes to large fans

Unique style design with ABS plastic blades

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9. The Big Fan

“The best looking fan in the over 100″ size range”

The name says it all, really – The Big Fan is big. Depending on your needs, this fan’s blade span stretches across either an 86-inch or 106-inch diameter. With such a significant blade span, you can be confident that you’ll get the coverage you need. A single layer of aluminium reinforces the ABS plastic blades, and marks another incredible innovation by Hunter Pacific. It can be controlled either by their DC Wall control accessory or the included remote.

What’s Great About This Fan?

A seriously big fan – considered a HVLS (high volume, low speed) fan

86″ or 106″ options to choose from

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10. Kirra

“Love the timber grain”

The Kirra fan combines everything you need into one beautiful and expansive design. A fan with a 100-inch blade span with an airflow to rival any other, it will impact your space in all the right ways. Engineered to move a high volume of air slowly across a large space, it features low RPMs and extraordinary energy efficiency. It also makes an attractive addition to entrance halls and auditoriums, with three lightweight blades crafted from sustainable Paulownia timber.

What’s Great About This Fan?

HVLS option crafted with solid timber bldes

Stunning colour options avialable

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