Best High Airflow Ceiling Fans

Updated for 2022 Season

The top 5 Best High Airflow ceiling fans released in the last 12 months – Updated for April 2022

Finding the best high airflow fan sounds reasonably straightforward. Afterall, most manufacturers test their fans for airflow and publish their findings. So, all you need to do is find the highest number, right? Right. Except… what if the highest airflow fan isn’t the right size for you? Or perhaps while you want a fan that’s capable of high airflow, you also want to have the option of a gentler setting sometimes. Lots of customers approach us with these sorts of queries, so we came up with this list.

1. Horizon 2.0

“I’m so impressed by how well this fan works. I’m going to get one for our patio too”

Feel the benefits of high airflow and broad coverage together by installing a Horizon DC ceiling fan in a 64-inch size. With three blades sweeping out from a hemispherical motor, this fan will make a strong impact in modern spaces, both in terms of both design and practicality. In either indoor or outdoor settings, the Horizon can also be adapted to serve as the soul light source. A compatible light kit with dimming and CCT technology can be added by the user after purchase.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Superb airflow – the 52″ model outputs almost 14,000 m3/hr and the 64″ version just over 19,000 m3/hr!

CHOICE Recommended

Choose from white, black or textured bronze

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2. Eco Silent Deluxe (56 Inches)

“We put it out on the verandah, and the extra airflow is awesome.”

The Eco Silent Deluxe is a rethink and upgrade of the very successful Eco Silent DC ceiling fan. It seamlessly integrates all of this year’s technological advances into a classic four blade design, allowing you to select a model with the features which best suit your needs. Choose between either hardwired wall control or smart remote operation to access superb airflow on top speed. The remote operated model is also available with an LED light.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Deluxe in all areas including airflow! 52″ model does just over 11,000 m3/hr – 56″ model close to 16,000 m3/hr

The 52″ is a great bedroom fan if you want the peace of mind of having higher airflow available on the higher speeds

56″ serves as a capable fan for larger areas

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3. Aqua

“The only hard part was picking a colour! I was torn between a couple of options”

The Hunter Pacific Aqua Ceiling fan is a modern fan designed for the outdoors! The fan boasts an IP66 rating, this means that the fan can be installed outdoors in more exposed areas, as the Aqua is both dust and waterproof. Also available with a dimmable LED light with CCT technology. Both the fan and the light are extremely energy efficient without compromising on performance.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Premium outdoor choice – IP66 Rated

70″ model offers a whopping 24,895 m3/hr of air movement

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4. Next Creation

“ I have one in my North-facing bedroom and it’s done an excellent job this summer!”

High airflow models tend to come in bigger sizes, but small to medium sized spaces sometimes need a bit of extra air movement too. Hunter Pacific’s Next Creation DC Ceiling fan range is a standard size fan which achieves above average airflow on its highest setting. With six speeds to choose from and the option to add a compatible wall control as an accessory, this is an extremely adaptable model. As a bonus, this model is very energy efficient, using just 32 watts to achieve an airflow of 14,315 m3/hr. All of these great qualities grant it a place in our top 5 high airflow fans.

What’s Great About This Fan?

Includes both remote and DC wall control

Airflow just over 14,000 m3/hr

Modern design

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5. Origin

“I just love the look of this fan, and it’s so effective too!”

Breaking from convention with a flowing design, the Origin DC Ceiling fan distinguishes itself from other high airflow models. The fan’s uniquely shaped blades drive its airflow further. By combining this feature with a blade span of 56-inches, the Origin gives you excellent coverage. It’s operated by an easy-to-use remote control, which allows you to select from six speeds. Available in three amazing colours, this will make a great feature for modern interiors and al fresco spaces. 

What’s Great About This Fan?

Airflow just over 13,000 m3/hr on a highly decorative and unique fan

Light adaptable with beautifully integrated LED light

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