Top 10 - Best DC Fans in Australia For 2020

Updated for 2021 Season

The top 10 Best DC  fans released in the last 12 months - Updated for September 2021

 DC ceiling fans grow more popular every season, and our suppliers are bringing out new versions all the time to make the most of this innovative technology. It’s no wonder the demand for these little beauties keeps growing. DC motors enable more speed options and remote controls tend to make it easier to access other features like reverse functionality. Ceiling fans with a DC motor also use less energy than their AC counterparts, which means that they are cheaper to run over a period of time.


 Light Options  Size Options  2 or 3 Blade optionEnergy Efficient Variable Speeds  Colour Options Modern design Timer function Light Accessory available Wall control accessory available

- " This fan gives great air movement to cool us down” -

The freshly upgraded AE3+ continues the Aeratron tradition of drawing inspiration from nature. Its blades mimic the contours of birds’ wings, boosting the fan’s overall efficiency. With the right accessories, the AE3+ is suitable for installation on ceilings with an angle of up to 40 degrees. It’s also one of the only DC ceiling fans which has a compatible wall switch available. Each size in the AE3+ range has its own airflow capabilities, so be sure to check individual listings for details. .


✓  Low Profile  ✓  Light Option  ✓  Modern Compact Design ✓ Control Options  Energy Efficient  ✓ Smart Option Outdoor Coastal

- "Beautiful indoors and outdoors." -

With the option of either a hard-wired wall control or a remote, the Infinity ID is one of several new fans from Fanco pioneering new possibilities for ceiling fans with DC motors. Choosing the model with the remote gives the user the option of upgrading to a SMART fan by downloading the free Tuya app. When operated by either the remote or the app, the Infinity ID range turns as slowly as 60 rotations per minute on low speed, but on faster speeds will still move enough air ensure you stay cool. 



✓ Size Options ✓  Light  ✓ 5 Speed Remote Control  Energy Efficient  ✓ Control Options   ✓ Smart Option Outdoor Coastal High Airflow

- "It fills the space, and cools us all down so well!" -

Whichever of the two available sizes you choose, the Horizon 2.0 is sure to impress you with its airflow capability. This is particularly true of the 64-inch model, which will move an exceptional amount of air across a wide space. The models without light can be operated by either a hardwired DC wall control, or a remote control with the in-built option of SMART compatibility. While the wall control is not available for the models with light in this range, customers won’t be disappointed by the functionality of the Horizon’s LED. It gives you 8-step dimming and CCT, as well as the capability to replace the LED panel without calling in an electrician.



  Light Options  Excellent Value ✓ 5 Speed Remote Control  No beep  Energy Efficient  ✓ Light Option  ✓ CCT  ✓ Dimmable

- "Everything I wanted at a very reasonable price" -

Another quiet but effective air mover, the Whisper DC Ceiling fan from new player, Claro, already looks like it could be a top seller this season. It’s operated by a 5-speed remote which doesn’t beep when you set the fan’s speed, switch its light on or use any of the fan’s other features like reverse functionality and timer options. If you’re using the light model, the handset also gives you complete over colour temperature and dimming



 Excellent Value Control Options Smart Options   No beep  Energy Efficient ✓ Light Option  ✓ CCT  ✓ Dimmable

- "I'm really impressed with this one" -

A stylish four blade model with 21st century technology, the Eco Silent Deluxe is perfect for modern homes. This range includes two sizes, and all the control options you could hope for – meaning that it’s easy to find a model to suit your lifestyle. The model with light features a user replaceable LED light panel with CCT and dimming functionality, while the fan offers an excellent variation in airflow across both sizes.


 Modern Design  Size Options Colour Options Light Options6 Speed Remote Control 

- "Exactly what we needed" -

The Sleeper DC Ceiling fan features solid timber blades finished in either teak or white for a touch of difference. This range gives you all the features we’ve come to expect from DC models including a remote-controlled timer and reverse functionality. The smaller size will work very well in a bedroom environment, while the larger model moves enough air for living areas where it’s sure to attract compliments from your friends and family. Neither size uses more than 32 watts, so it’s very energy efficient.

#7 - STORM

Modern Design Large Blade Span   Light Options  Outdoor Installation Colour Options 6 Speed Remote Control  High Airflow

- " It works really well and I've found it's very cheap to run" -

Its five blades turn the Storm ceiling fan into a stylish point of difference for your home. With a ceiling to blade of just 258mm, it will also fit neatly into rooms with low ceilings. Install it inside or outside to feel the benefits of the excellent airflow it offers on top speed – no matter which of its three sizes you choose. The LED light panel emits a strong light and can be set to cool white, natural white or warm white colour temperature so that you can adapt it to suit your lighting needs in different areas of the home.  


Modern Design Large Blade Span   Light Options    CCT   Outdoor Installation Colour Options 6 Speed Remote Control  High Airflow

- " The Origin is really smooth. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a stylish, efficient fan" -

The Origin DC ceiling fan is slightly larger than the standard fan and this means with its contemporary, architectural style it can be the standout feature in your larger area or even cover a portion of an open plan space. Its impressive blade span covers a broad area - maximising the effect of the fan's high airflow capabilities. Thanks to the Origin's unique contours it uses no more than 40w to achieve an airflow of 13,446 m3/hr. Available in both White and Koa this fan is a must have for modern homes as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor, undercover installation. The Origin is a bold combination of energy efficiency and elegance and is also conveniently operated by a radio frequency remote for ease of use. An optional LED light with CCT functionality can replaces the cap at the base of the motor if needed.


  High Airflow   Colour Options  High Airflow Outdoor 

-"Absolutely stunning design" -

The sleek Noosa DC ceiling fan comes in sizes to suit almost any space. This stunning design has already proven a very popular option for both indoor and outdoor spaces and it’s not hard to see why. While all sizes can produce a high level of airflow, they also offer low RPMs on low speed, making this range incredibly adaptable to the needs of differing spaces. The lights in this selection include both CCT and dimming functionality, which allows you to adjust the light to suit different times of day too.

#10 - New Image

  Large Blade Span  Outdoor Installation  Coastal Installation*  Colour Options  Control Options ✓ DC Wall Control High Airflow

-"A real winner. Love the fact you can switch between the remote and wall control so easily" -

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this four-blade design! Boxed with both a DC wall control and a handy remote, the New Image DC ceiling fan from Hunter Pacific is one of the more innovative models on the market. The two controls can work in tandem with each other, to operate the fan’s six speeds, reverse function, timer function and in the models with the light, to adjust the colour temperature and dimming features. Best of all, even though the New Image only uses 26 watts on its highest setting, it still produces an excellent airflow!