Which Ceiling Fan Brands Are Best?

Finding a quality ceiling fan brand is easy at Fansonline. All of the suppliers we deal with offer in home warranty on their fans so even if something goes wrong, you know you’re in good hands. Still, with so many great brands to choose from, a lot of our customers ask us who we think the best fan manufacturer is. If you’re looking for a new ceiling fan, and are looking for a reliable brand, these are the ones that come to mind for us: 


Although it’s always hard to pick a favourite, we couldn’t look past Fanco’s excellent reviews, not to mention the great feedback we get from our customers. As well as earning high ratings on review sites, this young and exciting brand has impressed independent testers at Choice consumer group. Five ceiling fans in the Fanco range are Choice recommended. However, what we love the most about Fanco though is how well their range caters to a wide group of customers.

2.Hunter Pacific

Hunter Pacific has over 30 years of experience with ceiling fans and related products. This brand is known for pushing the boundaries and creating new possibilities for ceiling fans. Their innovations include setting a new record for the highest IP rated ceiling fan, and developing a wall control for DC ceiling fans. Their extensive selection of products includes a lot of options for people in coastal areas.


It only takes a glance to recognise the inherent quality of Eglo products. With its emphasis on design, this brand offers a stunning array of products across a select colour palette. Judging by their high quality range, Eglo’s product team seems to recognise that installing a ceiling fan is an opportunity to enhance the space with either a subtle accent or decorative piece. Of course, it takes more than great looks to make a great fan. Once it’s installed, a fan has a job to do. According to our customers, Eglo products operate efficiently and effectively.

4.Three Sixty

Three sixty have been operating in Australia since 2003 and like many of the brands on this list have some very appealing designs. In the last few years, their range has gotten even better, with the introduction of some excellent new models. heir fans are made of high-quality components, and are backed by a 3 year in home warranty.

5. Ventair

If you’re looking for affordable functionality, Ventair has a lot to offer you. Their range includes a great selection of outdoor and coastal rated products, many of which can be installed on angled ceilings.