Announcing two new products from Fanco: The Wynd and Eco Breeze

It’s been a while since we’ve spotlighted a new product but we have some great models arriving this month. So to make up for lost time, we’re throwing the spotlight on two fans we’re very excited about. That’s right. Fans Online will soon have not one but  two great new ceiling fans from Fanco on our shelves. And as much as we love Fanco for their timeless sense of style and reliability, we think that these products will look much better hanging from your ceiling than sitting in our warehouse. Both the Wynd and the Eco Breeze are available for pre-order now, so there’s no need to wait to claim one for yourself.  

The Wynd


There’s no denying the rustic charm The Wynd can bring to the room. The pairing of handcrafted timber blades with an oil rubbed bronze motor makes for a superb design. The timber’s walnut finish recalls the warmth of a cosy log cabin, but this fan will make also great centrepiece for spaces chanelling an industrial chic style. The Wynd is powered by an efficient DC motor which uses just 25 watts to create an airflow of 9743 m3/hr. The motor is also reversible and allows the user a choice of six speeds via the remote control. The Wynd is currently available for pre-order. 

The Eco Breeze


The Wynd is beautiful, but with the Eco Breeze arriving at the same time, we couldn’t let it claim the spotlight all to itself. For people who love the timber look, but prefer the price of plastic, the Eco Breeze opens up your options.The three colour options include koa (finished to look like timber) blades  teamed with a black motor. It also comes in black or white. The Eco Breeze’s blades draw clean lines as they  spread out from the dome shaped motor. The model pictured above includes an LED light, but the Eco Breeze is also available without a light. It offers 5 speed settings and a reversible DC motor. 

The Eco Breeze is also available for pre-order now.