7 Reasons to install a ceiling fan

1. To stay cool in summer

There’s nothing quite like a heatwave in Australia, and when the next one hits, you’ll want immediate relief. Ceiling fans create a windchill effect, which is very effective at cooling you when summer gets a little too much. They work very well in most spaces, including bedrooms and living rooms and there are even models suitable for outdoor use.

2. Use your heater less in winter

While a ceiling fan can’t replace a heater, it can help you use one more efficiently. Most people are know that warm air rises. Left to its own devices, heated air rises and leaves the living space altogether. But most ceiling fans have a handy feature that to keep warm air right where you need it. All you need to do is switch the fan into reverse, using either a switch on the motor or the remote. Spinning in the opposite direction, the fan creates a suction effect, pulling cool air up from the living space to the ceiling. The cool air pushes warm air back into the living space and creates a more comfortable environment. This simple solution is surprisingly effective. Most people find that using the reverse function allows them to run the heater on a lower setting for a shorter time.

3. Ceiling fans are a quieter cooling solution

Most modern ceiling fan manufacturers favour a “hang sure” canopy when they create their products. Compared to a model installed with a J-hook, ceiling fans with a hang sure canopy move less, and therefore, operate more quietly. Of course, sound varies between models and some people are more noise sensitive than others, but generally speaking, ceiling fans produce less noise than other household appliances. The main sound you may notice when you are using a ceiling fan doesn’t come from the fan at all. It’s the sound of air moving around, which is still very quiet, particularly on lower airflow settings. 

4. Because your air-con costs so much to run

Compared to an air conditioner, ceiling fans cost very little to run. Depending on the type of air conditioning unit in your home, you could be using up to 3500 watts when you run it. Ceiling fans use much less energy – most models use no more than 70 watts, even at high speed. This is a huge difference and one you’ll notice when you receive your electricity bill. Of course, to cool a whole home effectively on a very hot day, you may find that a ceiling fan isn’t enough, but there are still huge savings to be made by swapping the AC for a ceiling fan on moderately warm days.  

5. And by itself, it doesn’t circulate air efficiently

The warmer it is, the harder your air conditioner needs to work. The harder it works, the more it costs to run. Of course, the warmer it is the more likely you’ll want to choose the AC instead of a fan. Don’t! There’s no reason to pick a side here. When you put these two modern appliances together, you get an unbeatable combination. Using a ceiling fan at the same time as your AC significantly reduces the workload on your air conditioner. The wind chill effect from the ceiling fan will make you feel cooler, meaning that you can raise the temperature setting on the air-con, without sacrificing your comfort. 

6. Because you care about the environment

By now, you understand that using a ceiling fan can help you save money. It will also reduce your environmental impact. The electricity market contributes 85% of Australia’s overall greenhouse gas emissions, while heating and cooling account for most of the energy households use. It’s not hard to see how important it might be to heat and cool your home more efficiently. A ceiling fan is a great tool to help you do exactly that, without making your home less comfortable.

7. Ceiling fans look fantastic

Any good interior designer will tell you that details make all the difference. The right ceiling fan can make the perfect finishing touch to your space. The good news is that there are hundreds of styles to choose from. No matter what colour scheme or style you’re working with, there’s a ceiling fan to suit. Check out our fans by style page to pick out a fan that will take your style game to the next level.