Alphalux 180 Degree Motion Sensor – IP66 Rated (electrician needed for installation)

Alphalux 180 Degree Motion Sensor - IP66 Rated (electrician needed for installation)

Alphalux 180 Degree Motion Sensor – IP66 Rated (electrician needed for installation)


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Adjustable and surface mounted this high quality 180 degree motion sensor can either be wired so that lighting can be responsive to movement or alternatively, wired to be used for security and safety purposes. Diameter detection range on floor 10 metres.

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Time Control
This motion sensor features include time control. It allows the amount of time the sensor stays on once having been triggered to be altered. Options available lie between a minimum of 5 seconds to a maximum of 7 minutes. Adjustments should be avoided during the on cycle.

LUX Control
The Alphalux Motion Sensor also integrates LUX Control capabilities. This gives the user the added control to determine the level of background light the unit will function and can be triggered. For example if control is moved to the sun position the unit will function in full daylight conditions and when at the moon unit will only operate in complete darkness.
To ensure accurate triggering in accordance with your preferred light level conduct initial set up at the appropriate time of day that you require your lights to illuminate. When ambient light has reached your preferred level, simply adjust your sensor to the point where your flood light illuminates.

Key features include:

  • IP66 Rating
  • Time, lux and sensitivity adjustments
  • Mounting box supplied
  • 2400w Load rating
  • Screw mount lock nut to prevent post-installation movement
  • Rubber seals supplied for fixing to flat mounting surfaces
  • Full sensor head direction adjustment.
  • Installer friendly design
  • Safety Standards: AS/NZS 60598 | AS/NZS 60529 | CISPR15
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 QA Procedures

This product needs to be installed by a qualified electrician.

The manufacturer offers a 1 year replacement warranty (conditions apply).

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